What is MDMS? Know Everything About MDMS!

What is MDMS? Know Everything About MDMS!

The announcement of the budget for 2078/79 raised many expectations among people. The good news is that it has been announced that the Mobile Phone Management System (MDMS) will be implemented in Nepal from 1st Sharwan 2078.

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (MTMS) prevents the illegal importation of mobile phones into the country. After the implementation of the mobile phone management system, all mobile phones imported into the country must be registered.

The Mobile Phone Management System is a centralized government system for tracking all phones and similar electronic equipment entering a country with a unique IMEI number(s). This includes smartphones, cell phones, landlines, tablets, etc.

Phones that are not registered with NTA cannot be used in the country. This applies to new phones that are imported into the country. The NDA said that old phones are automatically registered. NTA encourages people to buy only registered phones. To check whether the phone is registered or not, people can go to and enter the IMEI number of the phone.


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