What is interview? What is the typical sequence of the interview?

What is Interview ?

  • Interview is a formal meeting at which somebody is asked questions to see if they are suitable for a particular job, or for a course of study at a college , university.
  • In business, interviews are conducted for employment purpose, to get information, and to give information.
  • A job interview is a process in which a potential employee is evaluated by an employer for perspective employment in their company, organization, or firm.

The Typical Sequence of Interviews

  • Screening stage : Here, an employer filters out applicants who are unqualified. It can be done through telephone. Time is limited.
  • Best approach to the interview at the screening stage is to follow the interviewer’s lead.
  • The next stage of the interviews is selection stage.  You may interview with several people, perhaps at the same time.
  • During the final stage, the interviewer may try to sell you on working for the firm.