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Types of Organizational Communication

Types of Organizational Communication

Types of Organizational Communication

Organizational communication is an open system of communication among people within a specific context for the purpose of achieving common goals through cooperative efforts. Organizational communication is of two types:

Formal communication:

Communication that follows hierarchy at the workplace is called formal communication. Employees communicate formally with each other to get work done within the desired time frame. Throughout the internal formal network, information flows in four directions:

i. Upward communication

ii. Downward communication

iii. Horizontal communication ( between departments)

iv. Diagonal communication

( Cross-functional communication between employees at different levels of the hierarchy,,,beyond the immediate one, neither vertical nor horizontal , zigzag…)

These four types are called the direction of communication flow or paths of communication.

Informal Communication:

This is also called grapevine or the rumor mill. Employees also communicate with each other just to know what is happening around.

Such type of communication is called as informal communication and it has nothing to do with designations, hierarchy and so on.

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