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Meaning / Concept/ Definition of Communication

Meaning / Concept/ Definition of Communication

The word “communication” has been derived from the Latin word communis which means to share or “common”. Communication may, therefore, be defined as sharing information, ideas, knowledge and meaning between senders and receivers, using written, oral, visual, or electronic channels. The essence of communication is sharing– providing data, information, and insights in an exchange that benefits both senders and receivers.

According to Davis, “ Communication is the process of passing information and understanding from one person to another.”

According to Robert Anderson, “ Communication is the interchange of thoughts, opinions or information by speech, writing or signs.”

Managerial Communication

Managerial Communication means the sharing of knowledge, ideas. Information, opinions, etc. on the managerial levels. In other words, it’s a function that helps managers to communicate with each other as well as with employees within the organization. Managerial communication helps in the smooth flow of information among managers working towards a common goal.

Types of Managerial Communication:

  1. Interpersonal Communication: Interpersonal communication generally takes place between two or more individual at the workplace.
  2. Organizational Communication: Communication taking place at all levels in the organization refers to organizational communication.
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