Steps and techniques of taking interviews

Guidelines / Techniques of Taking Interviews ( For Interviewer)

  • Plan the interview. Make a list and use it as the outline for the interview.
  • Put the Interviewee at Ease. An interviewee can be under stress, so you can begin questions related to the interviewee’s hometown, sports interests, hobbies, and the like.
  • make the Purpose Clear. Your interviewee must be clear about the interview. If purpose is not clear, make it clear. 
  • Let the interviewee do most of the Talking.
  • Guide the Interview. In guiding the interview,  you will need to handle moments of silence. Too much silence can be awkward.
  • Listen. The purpose of the interview is to get certain information—by listening. Interviewees will feel relaxed if you listen to them carefully.
  • Keep Record. As you conduct interviews to get information, you may need to write to keep record. If you think that you can remember, you need not write. You should write soon after the interview.
  • End the Interview. One good way to end the interview is to ask a finalizing type question. Example: Is there anything else you would like to tell me? If not. Thank you for giving me your time.