Masters of Computer Science Managerial Communication

Planning, conducting and participating in a meeting.

Planning, conducting and participating in a meeting.

How to plan a meeting?

  • Define the purpose and outcome
  • Determine who should be there?
  • Reserve meeting room and required equipment
  • Decide setup
  • Develop an agenda
  • Distribute agenda prior to meeting
  • Inform participants

Techniques for Conducting Meeting

  1. Plan the meeting (agenda…)
  2. Follow the plan (Don’t let the discussion deviated; follow the plan of the meeting)
  3. Move the discussion along (As a leader/ secretary, control the agenda. When discussion moves out of track, you need to move it back on subject)
  4. Control the attendees who talk much
  5. Encourage participants to participate who talk little.
  6. Control the time / Allocate certain time for each participant
  7. Summarize at appropriate place
    1. Conclude each point and move to another
    1. At end of meeting, summarize the total progress

Techniques for Participating in Meeting

  • Follow the agenda
  • Don’t talk too much
  • Cooperate: Respect other participants and work with them in a practical way
  • Be courteous

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