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What is the meeting? Types and components of meetings

What is the meeting?  Types and components of meetings


  • Formal gathering of two or more people of similar interest for sharing information and achieving a goal
  • Definition from oxford dictionary


  •  To coordinate  / arrange activities
  • Report activity or experience
  • Put ideas for discussion
  • Instruct people / briefing
  • Discuss and solve the problem
  • Make successful plan

Types of Meeting

  1. Annual General Meeting
    1. Held once a year
    1. Evaluate trading of company over a year
    1. Invitation is sent at least 21 days prior to meeting
    1. All share holders are invited
  2. Statutory Meeting
    1. First meeting of company members (director and shareholder) after incorporation of company
    1. Once a lifetime
  3. Board Meeting
    1. Board of directors have wide power in management
    1. Held at least once in three month
  4. Department Meeting
    1. Called by HOD
    1. Within a department
  5. Working Parties Meeting
    1. Meeting with third parties / working parties
    1. Problems and progress report

Components to Running Productive Meeting (According to Cameron Herold)

  • A Clear Purpose:
  • Every meeting has to have a clear purpose. The person leading the meeting, as well as those in attendance, need to know why they are there.
  • Outcomes:
  • Agenda:
  • Start on Time: “ If you are not five minutes early, you are late.”
  • 5 Finish five minutes early.
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