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How to make a positive impression in a job interview?



Making a Positive Impression in Job Interviews

A. Be ready for the warm-up stage.

  •  Stay on your toes; even initial small talk is part of the interviewing process.
  • Greet the interviewer by name, with a smile and direct eye contact.
  • Offer a firm handshake if the interviewer extends a hand.
  • Take a seat only after the interviewer invites  you to sit.
  • Listen for clues about what interviewer is trying to get you to reveal about you and your qualifications.

B. Understand the question-and-answer stage.

  • Let the interviewer lead the conversation.
  • Never answer a question before the interviewer finishes asking it.
  • Listen carefully to the interviewer and watch for the nonverbal signals.
  • Don’t limit yourself to simple yes-or-no answers; expand on the answer to show your knowledge of the company.
  • If you encounter a potentially discriminatory question, decide how you want to respond before you say anything.
  • When you have the opportunity, ask questions from the list you have prepared; remember that interviewers expect you to ask questions.

C. Close on a strong note.

  •  Watch and listen for signs that the interview is about to end.
  • Quickly evaluate how well you have done and correct any misconceptions the interviewer might have.
  • If you receive an offer and are not ready to decide, it’s entirely appropriate to ask for time to think about it.
  • Don’t bring up salary but be prepared to discuss it if the interviewer raises the subject.
  • End with a warm smile and a handshake and thank the interviewer for meeting with you.
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