Adjustment Letters

Responses to letters of complaint are called adjustment letters. They are of three forms.

  • 100 percent yes.
  • 100 percent no.
  • Partial adjustment— you could agree with some of the writer’s complaints, but disagree with other aspects of the complaint.

Partial Adjustment Letter


State the good news first.


Precisely explain what happened, and then state the bad news.


The last paragraph is your opportunity to win back a bit of the reader’s good faith in the company.

  • Thank you for your letter regarding….. I was sorry to hear about the malfunctions your customers are experiencing. Since we are proud of our products quality, I am happy to replace the ten defective ones.
  • Then ten ….  , which were damaged during shipment due to packaging problems, will be replaced within six to eight weeks. I am unable to send a service technician to troubleshoot the remaining…  That service is not part of our contract with you.
  • If any of the … malfunctions, please call us immediately. We stand by our product, as you know from having been one of our satisfied customers for over a decade. I will be happy to help you in anyway I can.
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