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10 Things You Should Never Post On Social Media

10 Things You Should Never Post On Social Media

Nowadays most people use social media. Most of them join social media for time pass purposes and some for informative purposes. You can post share and provide your opinions in there. But everything has its good and bad side so you can post on social media but you should know what not to post on social media and you should be careful what you share online because if you don’t you may land in trouble. For avoiding yourself from getting into trouble here are 10 Things Not To Post On Social Media.

Things Not To Post On Social Media

10 Things You Should not Post On Social Media

Abusive Content

Never ever post abusive content on social media because your post on social media reflects your personality. If you are angry or dissatisfied then social media isn’t the place where you pour it. People seeing your post won’t feel good about you and it may also affect areas where you are employed.

Adult Content

If you know the internet well then you know that posting adult content in social media is strictly prohibited. But if you disobey and anyways post the adult content then immediately your social media account will be deleted or disabled. So always post relevant content.

Illegal Content

As the name says posting ‘illegal’, these content could land you in trouble. You should know that the cyber department is always present on the internet and if they get to know about the illegal content you posted then you will be immediately arrested. So, you should be careful about what you share online.


Posting threats in social media should never be done, As the person you are threatening could complain to the police and you will be in trouble. The post will be evidence of your threat which means you cannot deny the crime and have to pay the penalty.


From your location posted online different people who have negative motives can easily counter on you. So there is no reason to post about your location on social media. Keep yourself safe!

Personally identifying information

Personally identifying information such as citizenship card photos, passport photos should never be posted on social media. That personal information can be used by others to create a fake identity and you may get in trouble. So, don’t share personally identifying information on social media and be safe from identity theft.

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Personal Advice

If you think that asking personal advice on social media will give you answers then you are totally wrong because the people you interact are not professional life guides so some of them may give advice that may not be relevant. Keep your questions to your self and ask those to some professionals or your close ones.

Scammy Giveaways

You should never post or participate in Scammy Giveaways because its a type of fraud and this may get you in trouble. So better will be keeping your self from these types of giving always.

Copyright Post

Posting other posts on social media without their consent is wrong. Always give credits or ask for permission before you post other’s posts. If you don’t then you will be qualified for copyright violation and your account may be frozen.

Fake Post

The fake posts will spread false news and affect lives, so to generate engagement or to be famous you should never share fake posts. Instead, you can help others by reporting those types of posts.

So, avoid these things to post on social media and enjoy social media.

Things Not To Post On Social Media
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