What is Clubhouse? Things you need to know about clubhouse

What is Clubhouse? Things you need to know about clubhouse

what is clubhouse?

The iPhone operating system (iOS) can provides the voice-chatting app where every iOS users can host and join the conversation. You are allowed to create own room and join the rooms from where you can make a circle or join that. The room, is created by the pioneer of some field which includes different topics. In this section clubhouse you won’t found video, pictures, but you can hardly found the text over here but you could easily get the access to audio. It is similar like joining a podcast episode.

who are on clubhouse?

The clubhouse app gone popular when the celebrity like DRAKE and VIRGIL joined the app. The app is currently hosting more than 10.2 billion users. The app is now in the apex growing stage because it is rapidly including the most versatile podcast host and social media stars. This app can provides the high security to the user. It can allow you to join the interesting conversation. The frequently hearing name and popular person MC Hammer is well-known for hosting the rooms of cryptocurrencies. The talks of celebrity on club house will not becomes the headline news.

how to join clubhouse?

At this current moment you need an invitation of the existing member of the clubhouse family. You need to receive a coveted invitation therefore you also extend to invite the four of your friend. The CEO of Clubhouse Paul Davidson has promised that the Clubhouse app will available for all operating system like Android OS, Windows and so on but now it is in the developing phase so it only give the access to iOS users only.

Benefits of the app:

We all people from different country started to feel too much comfortable with the video platform TIKTOK, but the clubhouse app has done some real promise that it will includes the every types of generation and professional even it will be the most important platform to the housewives also. The app is designed under the informal nature where we found really something for everyone. The most shocking event on clubhouse is that ELON MUSK has even invited to VLADIMIR PUTIN (Russian President).
So, Tech Byte recommend you that if any of your friend sent you invitation don’t ignore the invitation and move to deal with other social media because it will be something in near future.


We hope these guidelines help you to know about clubhouse. If any queries arise regarding this topic then ICT BYTE recommend you to comment below. Here, we are always active to help you so don’t hesitate to share your doubt.

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