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Apple iPhone Notifications Issues: Users on iOS 14 Report Problems With Receiving Texts

Apple iPhone Notifications Issues: Users on iOS 14 Report Problems With Receiving Texts

Are you an iPhone user? Are You facing issues in your Apple iPhone notifications? Maybe you aren’t getting any alerts and missed your important chats or replies, right? well, we hope you have no break-up issues yet.

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You are not alone. Many users are constantly complaining and reporting on the issues. The problem doesn’t seem to be with a single application or a particular generation of iPhone models. Complaints posted by the affected users on online platforms, including on the Apple Community forums, suggest that the notification issues are impacting almost all iPhone models compatible with iOS 14.

Apple iPhone Notifications Issues: How they come to light?

Apple iPhone Notifications issues on IOS 14 has been surfaced lately with the iPhone users complaining about not getting notifications for texts, iMessages and even WhatsApp messages in some cases. After updating to iOS 14, the issues seem to be increasing while you have no problems in messages delivery though, only notifications.

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Even red badge seems to be missing in the apps, not just with iMessages but third party apps like WhatsApp and Signal too. Complaints seem to be spreading more and more with more updates to iOS 14. Few cases, it is even affecting voice call alerts.

The Apple iPhone notifications issue has already impacted on iPhone 12 series;  iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max. However, considering the fresh complaints raised by several users on different platforms, the issues don’t seem to be limited to the iPhone 12 series. The iOS 14 seems to be a culprit.

Apple brought iOS 14.2 — and iOS 14.2.1 for the iPhone 12 series — last month. But the update does not seem to have fixed the reported notification problems. In fact, the last iOS update caused battery drain issues for some iPhone users. Apple has been on the edges for these problems lately.

Apple iPhone Notifications Issues: Any Remedies?

Some users have also provided workarounds, such as turning off Messages on a connected Mac or force closing the Messages app. However, it appears that these workarounds aren’t useful for many affected users.

Apple has not made any official Announcements or effective updates to fix issues. But, we can hope, Apple could bring a fix to these problems with the iOS 14.3, which is likely to debut in the coming days. Moreover, Apple has already started to provide Free screen replacement for the iPhone 11.

Have patience guys, Apple has remained a reliable company amid some problems history, your patience may pay well off with more updates coming soon.

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