7 Big iOS 14 Hidden Features That You Should Know

7 Big iOS 14 Hidden Features That You Should Know

There are tons of new features in iOS 14 that are obvious. Excluding that there are also some big iOS 14 hidden features that are really amazing. Some of the obvious new features of iOS 14 include new home screen widget, App library, pinned conversations, compact UI and many more.

There are several iOS 14 hidden features that will make the iOS experience much better, whether it be privacy-related tweaks or Facetime video calls. In this article, we have tried our best to include 7 big iOS 14 hidden features. So let’s get started with that:-

7 Big iOS 14 Hidden Features

iOS 14 Hidden Features

1. Sound recognization

Sound recognization is a good feature that helps to listen voices in surrounding. If we enable the feature it allows iPhone to listen sounds like running water, baby crying, dog barking, car horns and other similar sounds.

The moment iPhone identifies the sound it sends a notification to alert the user. Sound recognization is a good feature that people love to use.

2. 4k videos on YouTube

You can watch 4k videos on youTube with iOS 14. Although iPhone and iPad don;t have 4k resolution but they offer video which has better quality than 1080p resolution limit.

On iPhone and iPad you can view videos in 1440p HDR or 2160p HDR, and on Appke TV you can enjoy 4k videos. You can change the quality on youtube by tapping on 3 dots in top right corner.

3. Private WiFi address:-

You can go to the settings and change the network to Private address after you get connected to WiFi in ios 14. The advantage of using private address is that it can’t be tracked over the network.

This feature is useful if you are using open WiFi sources. If the private network functionality is not availaible then apple will send you a warning. You can enable private address settings by opening Settings app and tapping on WiFi.

4. Mirror front camera:-

If you take a selfie with iPhone with the regular camera app , it flips the image so that it results opposite of the mirror image which is one of the cool feature.

You can enable this feature by opening the Settings app>Camera and toggling Mirror front camera option. After enabling this feature you can get a more unified selfie-taking experience.

5. FaceTime eye contact:-

In iOS 13 beta there was a feature called attention aware that made look facetime video like an eye contact with a person that you are chatting with evenif you lool at iPhone or iPad’s display.

Later in iOS 14 the feature is named as Eye contact . You can enable this feature toggling on facetime section on the Setting app.

6. Navigation History Stack

If you are deep into app setting and qiuickly want to return to where you were, there’s a new feature that you can enable with a long press.

You just have to long press on back button and select a prior screen that you want to access. This features works anywhere wheather in settings, file app or other applications.

8. Photo captions:-

There was already an option where you could add captions to to photos in the macOS photo app. With that feature you can easily find specific photos. Now this feature is also included in iOS 14 and you can use it easily on iPhone and iPad.

Just go to the Photo app , swipe on any photo and tap on add caption. You can type any caption you like so that in future you can easily find the image you want.

These are the best 7 iOS 14 hidden features that will make your user experience more amazing.

Other amazing iOS 14 hidden features!!

iOS 14 Hidden Features

Some more iOS 14 hidden features are listed below:-

  • Sleep mode and wind down shortcuts
  • Volume button as camera shortcuts
  • Default browser and email apps feature 8 to 14
  • Picture in Picture
  • Create folders and voice memos
  • Enhance recordings in voice memos

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