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ISP License in Nepal: Check the Process

ISP License in Nepal: Check the Process

ISP License in Nepal can be achieved by any private sector following the requirements and processes. Internet being alike the basic needs with the increase in the use of android devices and electronic devices.

The Internet has got a huge demand in the Nepali market for a few years. To fulfil this high demand, the opportunity for supply has been created and many ISPs(Internet Service Providers) are competing to grab the opportunity, registering the new ones have been hiked too.

These ISPs are trying their best to provide the internet facilities all over the country. According to ISPAN (Internet Service Providers’ Association of Nepal), there is a total of 43 registered ISPs in Nepal. As the number of ISPs is growing in Nepal, the new companies may have a difficult time breaking into the market, but the demand can justify their presence.

Nepal Telecom, Ncell, Smart cell, and united telecom limited are leading the market with their wide-area coverage in providing wireless mobile data services. Vianet, Nepal Telecom, Subisu, Broadlink and many others are providing FTTH (fiber to the home) services.

Many new ISPs are being registered and get their license cancelled because they fail to operate due to lack of capital and sustain due to high competition in the market.

With the aim to make the telecommunication service reliable and accessible to every people throughout the country at an affordable rate, the Nepal government brought a policy in 2004 which allowed the private sectors’ involvement in telecommunication. Let’s walk through the Process in getting ISP License in Nepal.

ISP License in Nepal: What is the Process?

Are you trying to contribute in imparting internet facilities to the people in the country? Are you planning to make Nepal digital in many ways? Let’s get registered following the process and start.

At first submit your form to NTA (Nepal Telecommunications Authority) for ISP License in Nepal. You can collect the form from NTA website and download it. Don’t forget to write a proposal along with the information about the company which you want to register for ISP license in Nepal.

The information of the company includes financial aspect, marketing aspect, managerial aspect, and technical aspect.

The financial aspect of the company includes the planned and estimated amount of the company. This includes estimated capital, proposed investment, source of investment, operating cost, estimated income, estimated expenditure, and estimated profit/loss.

In the marketing aspect, you need to write the marketing plan of the company like a roll-out plan predicting the number of customers for the company each year, a time plan showing the commencement of infrastructure setup after the procurement of license, and many more.

In the managerial aspect, you should specify the human resource involving in the operation of the company, experience in the business sector, etc.

In the technical aspect, you should include all the technical factors like satellite, cable, etc. The model number, manufacturer, and the country of manufacture of the equipment to be used in the operation of the company should be included.

To get more detailed information for the proposal, you can visit Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) website.

Have you decided? Get the form, print it out to fill it and submit the filled form to NTA office for ISP License in Nepal along with proposal.

You need to pay NRS.100 for the form as an application fee. If NTA approves your application, You need to deposit NRS. 3,00,000 for the ISP License in Nepal.

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