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How to use your smartphone to sleep better?

How to use your smartphone to sleep better?

In recent times smartphone usage has increased significantly. Smartphones have become part of our daily lifestyle. It contains various features which assist us in our daily tasks. So, our eyes and smartphone spend much time together all day. But what about when we close our eyes? Can we sleep better with the help of a smartphone?  

Yes, we can. We also know that experts suggest us to keep our phones away before sleep, but sometimes you need to break the rule. There are various ways to use our smartphones for making our bedtime better.

1) Activate Night Mode feature: –

Our smartphones emit blue light which suppresses melatonin in our body which tells our body to be alert at daytime and at night it indicates the body that it’s getting closer to bedtime. In order to avoid it at nighttime, we can activate the night mode feature in our smartphones.  

For Android

  • Open Settings
  • Select Display option
  • Activate Night Mode  

For iOS 

  • Open Settings
  • Select Display and Brightness
  • Activate Night Shift  

2) Use of smart bulbs: – 

To get proper sleep lighting in the room is very important. So, smart bulbs can be used. Smart Bulbs have various modes that can be controlled by smartphones. We can also set timing in smart bulbs such that at night it activates dim mode and, in the morning, it activates bright mode. It can also be an alternative to alarm clock such that we can set the bright mode at the time, we want to wake up.    

3) Listening to soft and soothing music: –

Many people have trouble sleeping. One of the ways to eradicate it is listening to soft and soothing music while sleeping. We can download soft music on our smartphone and play it while we are sleeping which helps to keep our body calm and makes our sleep better.  

4) Using different fitness apps:-

Doing meditation or fitness activities before sleep helps to make it better. There are various apps available in our smartphone which provide us tips and methods for doing various types of fitness activities. We can use them and follow their guidelines before going to bed.

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