How to keep your data secure on Windows PCs?

How to keep your data secure on Windows PCs?

We often think that it’s very easy to secure Windows 10. Just install some security software, adjust some settings. And then you’re done to secure your data. But the world is much more complicated than our thought. 

 Instead, there is no software magic, and your initial setup just establishes a security baseline. When the initial configuration is completed, security requires ongoing effort. There is much work to secure Windows rather than some untrusted software. 

Here are a few ways to be followed to keep your data secure:

Few ways to keep your data secure on Windows PCs:

1. Ensure Windows Defender is operating properly 

The Windows Defender Security Center is a native Windows 10 app which includes an antivirus, firewall, and more. It helps to keep unwanted malware away from your PC and clean your PC when a virus occurs. There are many antivirus software but Windows Defender Security is the best solution. 

2.Update your PC 

Windows 10 updates often include the newest security that will ensure all parts of your PC can work properly. If your PC is not updating for a few months then the danger of getting something unusual enters way higher. So, the best solution is to update your Windows from time to time. 

3.Encrypt and back up your files 

You shouldn’t worry about only threats from the internet but also be careful from physical threats. For example, when you leave your PC open while going outdoor. So, in that case, you should have a password that must be entered each time you open PC. You should also consider encrypting and back up your files. Because if someone gets the idea about your password- having your data in an encrypted vault will save definitely. 

4. Be wary when opening email attachments 

Sometimes it isn’t your carelessness while securing your data, your friends or colleagues may be the reason. How? This occurs when malware takes over an email account and also sending random attachments. The sender may not have an idea about those emails with attachments. Therefore, you should ask about the contents after you receive an email with an attachment. 

5. Use different, strong passwords for different services 

We see many of the organizations suffer from security breaches that affect their staff. This is because these security breaches often release passwords related to usernames and email addresses. And anyone with this information can access your account and services related to that account. This can be solved if you use a different password. 

6.Use a VPN for public Wi-Fi 

Public Wi-Fi is the best thing. You can continue your work with your PC anywhere without worrying about getting disconnected from the net connection for free. But the problem here is that public Wi-Fi is not secure. Its unencrypted status enables anyone who may be spying on your traffic. So, the solution, in this case, is a virtual private network (VPN). Which are encrypted tunnels that shuttle your data between your PC and the public internet and removes the issue of a public WIFI connection. 


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