How to cross-post your tweets on Facebook automatically?

How to cross-post your tweets on Facebook automatically?

It’s really inconvenient and time-consuming to keep UpToDate all of your social media accounts. You want to post your tweets on Facebook but also want to avoid entering the same post on both sites manually? 

 So, we have an Automatic Cross-Posting feature to share a tweet from Twitter to Facebook.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to share a tweet on Facebook: 

  1. Sign in your Twitter account.  Tap on the profile icon and go for the “Settings” option 
  2.   Select “Post Your Tweets to Facebook,”. And then click on “Sign in to Facebook and Connect Your Accounts.”  You’ll receive a pop-up that Twitter will get your Facebook information so tap on “Continue as.” 
  3. Select the “Log in with Facebook” button and then “Allow “button to attach Twitter and Facebook accounts. 

Now you have connected your Twitter directly to Facebook i.e. any tweet that you post on Twitter will automatically cross-post on your Facebook wall. 

But due to the Cambridge-Analytical scandal during April 2018, Facebook Platform Policies has updated which restricts all external apps to publish on a user’s wall/page. Here is what they said: 

“” The publish_actions permission will be deprecated. This permission granted apps access to publish posts to Facebook as the logged-in user. Apps created from today on wards will not have access to this permission. Apps created before today that have been previously approved to request publish_actions can continue to do so until August 1, 2018. No further apps will be approved to use publish_actions via app review. Developers currently utilizing publish_actions are encouraged to switch to Facebook’s Share dialogs for web, iOS, and Android. “”

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