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Netflix history: How to delete your continue watching list?

Netflix history: How to delete your continue watching list?

Netflix is the leading internet entertainment service that has various features in it and ‘Continue Watching’ is one of them. Continue watching list one of the features of Netflix which helps us to resume the movie and shows from where we left it. It is both boon and curse. It is boon because it will resume from where you left it so you should not finish the movie or show in one sitting. But, suppose you watched a movie and you do not like that and closed it, it will appear in the Continue Watching list when you open your device. Another maybe if you love a movie that is low rated and you do not want others to know. If you do not watch that movie in one sitting others who use your account will know about the movie.

So, the Continue Watching list option has its own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, to help you we had provided the steps to delete your watching list.

Steps to delete Continue Watching list:

Below are the steps to delete the watching list but in order to do that you must be logged in your Netflix account.

For mobile device:

  1. Go to your profile
  2. Find the Continue Watching
  3. Find the movie you want to remove from the list
  4. Then click on the three dots option of that movie
  5. Select ‘remove from the row’ option
  6. Done!

For desktop:

  1. Go to your Netflix account
  2. Click on your profile which is at the top right corner
  3. You will see viewing activity option then click that option
  4.  Find the movie you want to remove
  5. Then click the remove button
  6. Done!

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