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How to build a shop on Facebook?



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Facebook is the most popular social networking service in the world. Facebook has various options like upload media, play games, send messages, and many more. Shop option is also among many options which are offered by Facebook. The shop option is an e-commerce feature on Facebook. So, selling and buying can be done on Facebook which is a smart move. Because it makes your business digitalized in the competitive market.

Facebook provides the shop feature on your Facebook page from which customers can buy directly from the page and sellers can upload items on the page. You need to have a Fb business page to use the Fb shop feature.

Steps to setup Shop on Facebook

1. Open Facebook and then go to the shop menu of your page.

2. If the option is available then click the Add Shop option

3. After that certain guidelines will appear about the shop then click continue

4. Agree to the terms and conditions then click continue

5. Add the business and payment details. You need to

  • Provide business email address
  • Configure payment
  • Provide business address

6. After filling all the information click Submit

7. To add products to the shop click add product button

8. Then you can add products details after that click add product

9. We can also create a collection of items by clicking the Add Collection button and then + Add Collection.

10. Give a name to the collection and start adding products to the collection.

Manage Orders on Facebook Shop:

1. Go to the publishing tools option on your page which is at the top.

2. After that Select pending orders on your left side

3. Then you can see the order details

4. You can update the orders after you ship them

After you add any product it may be initially marked ‘In review’ to make sure they meet terms and policies as well as product listing guidelines. Then the products will be available after approval. The products should be shipped in default of 3 business days or within the handling time you specified and also can be returned within 30 days.

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