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Dr. Fish Wins Hult Prize Kathmandu University 2024

Dr. Fish Wins Hult Prize Kathmandu University 2024

In exciting news from Kathmandu University, the Hult Prize Kathmandu University 2024 Grand Finale had everyone buzzing. Sponsored by Agni Group | Mahindra and presented by the Canadian Study Centre (https://canadastudycenter.com/), this event was all about young entrepreneurs making a difference.

After a tough competition, five teams made it to the finals: “Kodo ko Khaja,” “Dr. Fish,” “Sarva,” “Hempire,” and “Ladies with the Lamp.” They had to impress a panel of seven judges, who were experts in business.

The big night was made even more special with guests like Durga Prasad Acharya from Agni Group | Mahindra, Aishwarya Khulal from Canadian Study Center, and Vedant Shrestha from Agni Group | Mahindra. The event was hosted by Charchica Pokharel, Saras Mainali, Jessica Thapa, and Shlok Koirala.

Each team had to present their ideas, and then the judges asked them tough questions. There were also fun games and performances to keep everyone entertained.

Finally, the moment arrived to announce the winners. “Dr. Fish” came out on top, followed by “Hempire” and “Kodo Ko Khaja.”

The winners got cash prizes and gifts from sponsors like Donut Drools and Juice Mandala. Everyone was thanked for their hard work in making the event a success.

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