An exhibition of more than 100 startups and innovations will be held in Kathmandu in the third week of Ashoj

An exhibition of more than 100 startups and innovations will be held in Kathmandu in the third week of Ashoj

A dynamic convergence of innovation and entrepreneurship is set to take place at the Baneshwar Banquet on the 19th and 20th of Ashoj in Kathmandu. This extraordinary event, organized by Living with ICT, promises to bring together startups from all seven provinces of Nepal for a two-day extravaganza.

The Startup and Idea Fest, a pre-event campaign for the highly anticipated ICT Award 2023, will also collaborate with The Squad of Changemakers to showcase the finest digital startups and innovations. Among the highlights of the fest are the participation of the top 12 startups, products, and innovations selected from the ICT Award 2023 competition. These innovators will proudly display their cutting-edge ideas and products.

In addition to the ICT Award finalists, more than 30 startups, carefully chosen by the organizers from all seven provinces, will be part of this prestigious program. The Squad of Changemakers will also dazzle attendees with displays of ingenious projects created by children, including robots, rockets, and 3D printing marvels.

Razan Lamsal, Chairperson of Living with ICT, expressed the core mission of the Startup and Idea Fest, emphasizing its role in promoting startups and the innovative spirit of Nepali students. She emphasized that exhibitors and observers attending the event need not worry about any participation fees.

This spectacular two-day exhibition will also feature mentoring and incubation sessions tailored to startups from outside the Kathmandu Valley. Furthermore, organizers have extended an invitation to potential investors, encouraging them to become part of the thriving startup ecosystem.

The nomination and selection process for the ICT Award 2023 is currently underway. The top 12 startups that emerge victorious through a rigorous selection process will have an exclusive opportunity to showcase their businesses during this program. To make things even more engaging, viewers will have the chance to vote for their favorite startups and products.

According to organizers, the response to the ICT Award has been overwhelming, with over 500 online applications pouring in across the 13 diverse categories. Notably, the South Asia Startup ICT Award will also be a highlight, recognizing startups from outside Nepal.

The grand finale, the 8th edition of the ICT Award, known as Nepal’s most prestigious accolade, is scheduled for the 6th of Poush at The Soaltee Kathmandu. Leading up to this monumental event, numerous pre-events will unfold, including the Startup and Idea Fest and STEM Camp. To engage a wider audience, Kantipur Television will air a special television series featuring startup pitches for two months.

For further details about the ICT Award and the fest, please visit www.ictaward.org. This convergence of STEM, innovation, and entrepreneurship promises to be a transformative experience for Nepal’s startup ecosystem, paving the way for groundbreaking ideas and innovations to flourish.

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