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Unlock Your IT Future: Join Career Connect by CSITAN for Top Colleges and Dream Job Opportunities!

Unlock Your IT Future: Join Career Connect by CSITAN for Top Colleges and Dream Job Opportunities!

After completing their 12th grade, students often find themselves in a state of confusion. The myriad of questions about what to pursue, how to go about it, and the associated uncertainties can weigh heavily on their minds. Unfortunately, Nepal’s education system has yet to address this issue. Even students in the midst of their bachelor’s degree face a unique set of challenges, particularly when it comes to finding suitable internships and charting their career paths. Furthermore, coordinating their academic performance with their future career prospects becomes increasingly complex, especially when internships are scheduled during the eighth semester of their IT program.

In response to these pressing concerns, the CSIT Association of Nepal is organizing a two-day event known as “Career Connect.” This program aims to shed light on the various challenges faced by students who have just completed their 12th grade, offering them guidance on their next steps. Additionally, Career Connect presents an excellent opportunity for students in search of job opportunities.

In collaboration with the Institute of Science & Technology – Tribhuvan University (IOST – TU) and the Central Department – Computer Science & Information Technology (CD – CSIT), this event will take place at the Tribhuvan University campus. It will provide valuable information and direction to +2 students, helping them navigate their educational and career choices. Furthermore, the program seeks to facilitate job placements for bachelor’s degree students by connecting them with IT companies.

Career Connect not only benefits students but also extends its advantages to educational institutions and businesses. This initiative will establish connections between bachelor’s degree programs and +2 graduates, allowing IT companies to identify potential employees. Additionally, entrepreneurs operating businesses of various sizes can promote their ventures by setting up stalls at the event.

This comprehensive program covers a wide spectrum, catering to stakeholders ranging from +2 students to bachelor’s degree candidates, the IT sector, and businesses of varying scales. Participation in this event promises to bring unique advantages to each of these groups.

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