Top 12 Startup, Rising Star Innovation and Product announced in the ICT Award 2023

Top 12 Startup, Rising Star Innovation and Product announced in the ICT Award 2023

In a thrilling development in the ICT Award 2023 selection process, the spotlight now shines on the top 12 startups, 13 rising star innovations, and 14 outstanding products that have emerged as frontrunners in this prestigious competition. Category A of the selection process, which encompasses the Startup, Product, and Rising Star Innovation awards, is currently underway, generating significant buzz in the tech world.

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Top 12 Startups:

The cream of the startup crop includes Aria Technologies Pvt Ltd, Bhojmandu Food Pvt Ltd, Diyo A.I Technology Pvt Ltd, G G Corporation (Happy Minds) Pvt Ltd, Lanceme Up Pvt Ltd, NepaTronix Engineering Solutions Pvt Ltd, Quickfox Consulting Pvt Ltd, Rasan Technologies Pvt Ltd, Stellar Computer Systems Pvt Ltd, Task Sewa Pvt Ltd, Up town (IntroNep) Pvt Ltd, and Yarsa Tech Pvt Ltd. These dynamic companies are at the forefront of innovation and entrepreneurship in the ICT sector.

Top 13 Rising Star Innovations:

The category of Rising Star Innovations boasts 13 remarkable entries, each pushing the boundaries of technological advancement. The standout innovations are Blanxer, Blockchain Network for e-Governance, Cattle Monitoring System, Design and Fabrication of Electric Three-Wheeler, Dreshion, Epicenter Hosting, InternSathi, Lochan, Omnecal, Prasta Nepali, Speed Detection and Number Plate Recognition, and Wearplan Mirror.

Top 14 Products:

Meanwhile, in the realm of cutting-edge products, 14 exceptional offerings have made their mark. These groundbreaking products are Bidhee HRMS and Payroll Software, Biskoon dot com, Digi Buzz, eMediware, Fast Banking, Justchek, Khatapana, Money Mitra, Nizi Power, QuickRPA, Safa Nepal, Signage Plus, and Yatri P-1. They represent the pinnacle of technological excellence and innovation in the ICT sector.

The Next Stage:

The chosen participants from these categories will now advance to the next stage, which includes a series of engaging events such as startup and idea fests, presentations, and speed dating sessions. Public voting will play a pivotal role in selecting the top 5 from these sessions, adding an exciting interactive element to the competition. Additionally, field visits will be conducted to further assess and refine the selection of top participants.

Diverse Award Categories:

Category B of the ICT Awards encompasses a diverse range of accolades, including the Pioneer ICT Award, Entrepreneur ICT Award, Nepali Diaspora ICT Award, and Woman Icon ICT Award. In Category C, accolades such as the Digital Education ICT Awards (Public Sector), Digital Education ICT Awards (Private Sector), Digital Governance ICT Awards, and Digital Services ICT Awards will be presented. These categories celebrate excellence and innovation in various facets of the ICT industry.

South Asia Startup Award 2023:

Beyond Nepal’s borders, the South Asia Startup Award 2023 is underway, focusing on tech talent from South Asian countries. The selection process is in full swing across all these categories. A distinguished panel of 14 jury members from Nepal and 4 from other countries, along with a special advisory committee comprising 15 members, is overseeing the rigorous selection process.

Collaborative Efforts:

The ICT Awards are made possible through the collaborative efforts of various organizations and serve as the flagship project of Living with ICT. This annual event, which began in 2016, continues to evolve and expand, showcasing the ever-growing innovation in the ICT sector. As a prelude to the ICT Awards, the Startup and Idea Fest program will take place on the 19th and 20th of Ashoj at the Baneshwor Banquet in Kathmandu, setting the stage for the grand celebration of ICT excellence.

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