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Nepal’s first-ever Cyber-security journal: Interaction Program at Texas College of Management and IT

Nepal’s first-ever Cyber-security journal’s interaction program has been sucessfully completed today at Texas College of Management and IT.

The Interaction Program is organized By the Center For Cybersecurity Research and Innovation (CSRI) & Information Security Response Team Nepal (npCert).

CSRI Representatives were:

  • 1. Chief of Editor (Cybersecurity Journal) Dr. Rajib Subba
  • 2. Immediate Past President, Mr. Chiranjibi Adhikari
  • 3. General Secretary, Er. Shaligram Parajuli
  • 4. Board Member Bhimdhoj Shrestha
  • 5. Founder Member, Suresh Bhandari
  • 6. HoD of Texas College Suman Thapaliya
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