Nepathya Hackathon by CAN Federation Rupandehi to be organized.

Nepathya Hackathon is a national level, 24 hour idea fetching and demonstrating competitive programme organized by CAN federation Rupandehi in collaboration with CSITAN-Rupandehi, with the following themes:
1. “Overcoming Climate Change using technology”
2. “Women Empowerment Via Information Technology”
3. “Visit Nepal 2020 as an opportunity for young minds”
4. “Promoting Visit Nepal using Technology”
5. “Technology for Sustainable Development of Nepal”
6. “Use of Internet Technology to achieve the SDGs of UN”

Apply at:
For more information, visit the following event page.

When is Nepathya Hackathong going to happen?

Ans: February 2 and 3, 2020

What is the ticket price for the event?

Ans: NPR 1,000 per head

Other Information about Nepathya Hackathon

A theme among the above mentioned one will be notified to the team before the program enaguration .

we will have some cloud based session by genese cloud academy from 10am to 12noon which will be fruitful for hackathon. 24hours day/night time will be started form 1pm(Feb.2) to 1pm(Feb.3).

Team must contain 2 to 4 participants.
Registration Charge: Rs.1000 per person.
1st Prize-50,000/-
2nd Prize-20,000/-
3rd Prize-10,000/-
. Please use Prabhupay app for the payment purpose.
Account number :
9867824993 Name: Laxman Neupane
9811530473 Name: Pratap Neaupane

Copy your transaction id and fill the form below to register your team.

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