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List of BCA Colleges Of Nepal



List of BCA Colleges Of Nepal

BCA stands as a bachelor of computer application, which is proposed under the affiliation of Tribhuwan University(T.U). TU has launched the program from the academic year 2074/2075. In the first phase, TU has given permission to run BCA at its 6 constituent campuses.

Similarly, It is a 4year(8 semesters) program. Also, this program’s launch with an objective to produce qualified computer software developers, acquiring a wide range of knowledge in the technical field. Apart from this, Students get the knowledge to solve computer-based problems. and different types of businesses and industries.

Some basic applications of computers are: Scientific research is a Business application, Education, Entertainment, Banks, Communication, Engineering, Medicine, etc. Above all, It is plotted to test the students’ abilities to use word processing, spreadsheet, and database applications software, including the integration of the application.

The list of BCA Colleges Of Nepal is mention below.

In addition, it is not the same as the computer science contest, which tests programming abilities. However, there are many colleges over Nepal that runs the BCA program. some of the lists of BCA Colleges Of Nepal are:-

BCA Colleges Of Nepal

  1. Thames International College
  2. Divya Gyan College
  3. Padmashree International College
  4. The Aryan School
  5. Kantipur City College
  6. Kathford International College of Engineering and Management
  7. National Infotech College
  8. Janamaitri Multiple Campus
  9. NAST(National Academy Of Science And Technology)
  10. Birat Kshitiz College
  11. The Times International College
  12. Padma Kanya Campus
  13. Texas International College
  14. Mahendra Multiple Campus Dang
  15. Patan Multiple Campus

Thames International College:

Thames college was established in 2000 A.D, which is an academic institution that offers a variety of undergraduate programs. In fact, It is one of the best colleges in Kathmandu located at old baneswor. All the programs of this college are in affiliation with Tribhuwan University and the relation established in 1959. Moreover, the vision of this college is to become a premier academic institution that will transform the educational approach and raise the benchmark of the education system in Nepal. They have their own core values. firstly, they create a student-centered environment and encourage creativity level. also, They transform students into an internationally competitive workforce.

Divya Gyan College :

Divya Gyan College is in affiliation to Tribhuvan University (TU) for BBS and BCA programs. It aims to give the inquisitive learners with all the necessary facilities, to make students stand on their own. Divya Gyan College provides the students with opportunities to advance their skills in business research and data analysis. Without a doubt, they offer the chance to develop their skill in various computer applications.

Texas International College:

Texas International College established in 2009 which is an academic institution run by the experienced professors and experts having the dedication and the will to run the institution with the proper quality of knowledge besides this, They seek hard-working and studious students. they manage the strict rules and regulations within the college boundary. Moreover, they provide skills and knowledge in a favorable environment.

The Times International College :

Times International College was established in 2007 which is continuously able to show the meaning of proper quality education. similarly, they nurture the student’s skills, as well as academic knowledge. On the other hand, Their main vision is to “TO BE A PIONEER COLLEGE IN NEPAL BY PROVIDING QUALITY AND TIME – BOUND EDUCATIONAL SERVICE.” In addition, Their mission is to make learning processes, spontaneous, and career.

These are the some best colleges of BCA, that rolled over whole Nepal who provide quality education and make them skilled and more creative.

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