ACES TECHFEST 4.0 opens registration for Blog Writing Competition

The concept of the blog is “Entrepreneurship: Resolving Problems”.
Here, the participation can choose creative and catchy title for their blog.

The blog must answer the question: How can you resolve the problem through entrepreneurship along your field’s education and knowledge.

Join Scholars Space, Nepal’s first Learning Platform ( and create new opin.

Kindly choose “ACES TECHFEST 4.0” in category section for eligibility in competition.

Choose feature Image (less then 5MB) for your blog wisely. Participants can also use infographic, graphs (if needed).

Share your blog through various social media platform (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc).

Blog’s Share, Likes and Reaction has 70% score for winning the competition.

Refer the video for Blog Posting via Scholarsspace:

Prize worth for Winner: Rs. 5,000/-

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