“Here is Why you should attend Phoenix Virtual Fiesta 2021!” – Shreya Dahal

“Here is Why you should attend Phoenix Virtual Fiesta 2021!” – Shreya Dahal

A warm Namaste and Greetings, It’s me, Shreya Dahal, and I’m the first-year students of BIT at Phoenix College of Management which is located at Maitidevi. Although all the classes are going online in this pandemic situation, but our phoenix college of management is thinking outside the box, and planning to do virtually special i.e., I am talking about the virtual fiesta 2021. I am representing on behalf of the organizing committee of Virtual Fiesta 2021 to share some information about our event.

The program’s mission is to foster students’ imagination by providing workshops and training, as well as involving them in various competitions that will broaden their knowledge of industry and IT. Some of the styles of activities included in this year’s event are salute to our heroes, share market preparation, presentation competition, IT Workshop, idea pitching, talent show, talk show, business quiz, IT quiz, two sides of a sword, and paparazzi. The event will take place from May 24th to June 4th, 2021 which shall be hosted in virtual platform i.e. Google Meet and shall be broadcasted live on official Facebook Page of the event.

Firstly, the event is being organized for the first time catering the students of BBA, BIT which will be mentored by the students from MBA. The event will be divided into two parts: seminars and competitions, in which students will participate in order to expand their skills and experience in their respective fields. Since the event will be broadcast live on Facebook, other people will be able to join in on our activities such as the Talk Show Program and Salute to our Heroes. We’ve invited a number of well-known figures, including Bilal Ahmed Shah, Kushal Bhurtel, and Dr. Diljan Mansoor (Kurt). All the competitions and workshops have been designed in a way that fosters skill enhancement and knowledge broadening of our students. This is a platform for the students to learn something that shall be beneficial for their future endeavors.

We’ve partnered with a number of well-known organizations. E-Sewa, the leading digital payment gateway in Nepal, is the event’s Title Sponsor. This is the perfect opportunity for students to demonstrate their talents to the business world.

The event will serve as a link between the business world and students by assisting them in understanding their needs and ability gaps. Similarly, organizations such as Prakashan and MI Nepal are also supporting us with the event. Catch Square is the event’s Digital Partner. The event shall directly foster the skills of the students towards the corporate world which shall help them to prepare themselves for future endeavor. We would like to thank all our sponsors and supporters for their support and love.

Lastly, we would like to welcome you all to be a part of Phoenix Virtual Fiesta. The event is being held on a virtual platform, allowing anyone to watch the event live on the Phoenix College of Management’s Facebook page.

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