DevFest Kathmandu 2023 Conference | All Set to Go!

DevFest Kathmandu 2023 Conference | All Set to Go!

Google Developer Group (GDG) Kathmandu is back in action, with DevFest Kathmandu 2023. Organized in collaboration with Women Techmakers Kathmandu, this event is set to take place on Saturday, December 23rd, 2023, offering a unique opportunity for tech professionals, students, and enthusiasts to come together, learn, and grow where 3 Speakers from India, 1 from Bangladesh and 9 Speakers from Nepal will giving their talk.

What is GDG Kathmandu?

Google Developer Group is a community of developers who are interested in Google’s developer technology products and platforms. Committed to enhancing knowledge and awareness of various technologies, GDG Kathmandu organizes events, meetups, and seminars, creating a space for collaboration and learning.

How to be a part of the community?

To become a part of GDG Kathmandu, you can join our community by attending our events, meetups, and seminars. It’s a great way to connect with like-minded individuals and stay updated on the latest developments in the tech industry. You can also join our online communities or follow us on our social media.

What is DevFest?

DevFest is a global series of community-led events, and DevFest Kathmandu is the crown jewel event by GDG Kathmandu and Women Techmakers Kathmandu. This event serves as a platform for young professionals and students to network and share their valuable knowledge about the whole tech landscape.

What to Expect at DevFest Kathmandu 2023?

This year’s DevFest boasts an impressive lineup of speakers and sessions covering diverse topics. The event will feature tracks on AI/ML, Flutter, Cloud Services, DevOps, and even career advice. Participants can choose from multiple tracks and gain insights from industry experts.

Agenda For the Event:

On the event day, two halls will host sessions simultaneously. The primary hall, with a capacity of 200, and the secondary hall, accommodating 80, will host tracks on AI/ML, DevOps/Cloud, Flutter, and career advice. Notable speakers include Google Developer Expert on Machine Learning Tarun R. Jain, Flutter expert Damodar Lohani, and DevOps Architect Raju Dawadi, among others.

Major Highlights:

  1. AI/ML Track: Featuring speakers like Tarun R. Jain, Sagar Chettri, Bimal Raj Gyawali, and Kshitiz Rimal.
  2. Flutter Track: Speakers include Damodar Lohani, Abu Anwa MD Abdullah, Abhishek Doshi, Mohan Dhakal, and Ambika Dulal.
  3. DevOps/Cloud Track: With speakers like Raju Dawadi, Monika Rajput, and Sangam Ghimire.
  4. Career Advice: Milan Khanal and Shreya Katuwal share insights into project management and career-focused discussions.

Who should attend DevFest?

DevFest Kathmandu 2023 is tailored for professionals, students, and anyone eager to delve deep into the world of technology. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or a curious enthusiast, there’s something for everyone.

How to Join?

While we have stopped taking registration for DevFest Kathmandu 2023, Keep an eye on the GDG website or our socials for future events & opportunities to join our thriving tech community.

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