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Hult Prize at KCM | Hult Prize Unveils ‘UNLIMITED’ Theme for Global Social Entrepreneurship Competition

Hult Prize at KCM |  Hult Prize Unveils ‘UNLIMITED’ Theme for Global Social Entrepreneurship Competition

The Hult Prize is an annual global social entrepreneurship competition aimed at challenging college and university students to develop innovative solutions to address pressing social issues. The competition provides a platform for students to present their forward-thinking ideas, which are intricately linked to sustainable goals, thereby fostering a positive impact on the world. Winning teams are not only acknowledged but also receive essential support and funding to transform their innovative concepts into actionable initiatives, addressing crucial societal challenges.

This year, the Hult Prize has unveiled the theme as “UNLIMITED,” offering students a broad outlook by allowing them to choose any field that resonates with their interests. The challenge encourages participants to align their chosen fields with the Sustainable Development Goals, fostering a transformative impact on the world.

Applications are currently open for the OnCampus Competition at Hult Prize KCM. Prospective applicants are required to form groups of a minimum of three individuals, tasked with developing revolutionary and sustainable solutions to address growing social issues. Participation in this event not only offers the chance to compete but also provides networking opportunities, entrepreneurial skill development, and guidance from experts. Ultimately, winning teams are awarded a seed capital of $1 million for their sustainable business ventures by the Hult Prize Foundation. The OnCampus competition Finale is scheduled for the 23rd of February, 2024.

The victors of the OnCampus Finals earn the opportunity to compete in the Hult Prize Summits. Winners can select the summit in which they wish to compete, whether physically or via online platforms. The Summits serve as a global arena where OnCampus winners compete against sustainable solutions from around the world. Only a select few teams are chosen to advance to subsequent rounds and, ultimately, participate in the Hult Prize Finals—the climax of the competition. Here, top teams compete against each other, presenting their ideas to a panel of judges and experts. The winners of the finals are awarded $1 million as seed capital to initiate their journey in addressing pressing social issues.

Prospective applicants are reminded to register before the deadline on the 31st of December, 2024, to participate in the Hult Prize OnCampus Competition. The organizers eagerly anticipate your involvement in this transformative event, fostering collaborative efforts to address significant societal challenges.

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