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Exploring Career Paths in Tech: Experts Share Stories with PK IT Club at Padma Kanya Campus!

Exploring Career Paths in Tech: Experts Share Stories with PK IT Club at Padma Kanya Campus!

To provide a comprehensive overview of diverse technological fields, PK Tech Club recently organized the event “Exploring Career Paths in Tech” at Padma Kanya Campus on December 20, 2023. The event aimed to shed light on the experiences and journeys of six distinguished tech experts, offering inspiration and valuable insights to an engaged audience..

Nikita Budhathoki – Convergence of Pixels and Passion: The event commenced with Nikita’s narrative, encapsulating an unexpected attraction to UI/UX design. Her trajectory evolved from initial disinterest to profound passion, as she independently acquired knowledge through extensive consumption of YouTube tutorials. Her guiding philosophy emphasized learning through failure, viewing each setback as an opportunity for growth and creation.

Bishal Bashyal – Innovating Across Realms: Bishal’s storyline resembled a harmonious melody, interweaving hardware and RF tracking systems. Possessing a unique talent for elucidating intricate technological concepts, he led the audience on an exhilarating exploration of the RFID domain, presenting technical elements in an accessible manner. Bishal’s narrative exemplified the seamless integration of creativity and practicality within the technological landscape.

Bipin Khanal – Unraveling the Full Stack Mystique: Introducing Bipin, a skilled full-stack developer whose journey commenced with frontend coding and seamlessly transitioned into a comprehensive exploration of full-stack development post-degree completion. He underscored the adaptability and customization inherent in full-stack roles.

Kriti Nyoupane – Illuminating the AI Enigma: Kriti’s narrative unfolded as a captivating journey through the intricacies of AI. She delineated how active participation in workshops and tutorials fueled her passion for this field. Her enthusiasm resonated notably with the female attendees, as she shared her profound interest in the captivating world of machine learning.

Bigyan Koirala – Guardian of Cyber Horizons: Bigyan, an engaging cybersecurity expert, captivated the audience with insightful perspectives. He accentuated the pivotal role of cybersecurity in Nepal’s technological landscape, emphasizing its indispensable function in safeguarding digital systems. Bigyan extended an inclusive invitation, portraying cybersecurity as accessible to individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Nisha Sharma – Crafting Tech’s Chronicles: Concluding the event, Nisha, adept at creating technical content, shared her story with the audience. She expressed her passion for coding and document creation, illustrating that impactful contributions to the tech world are not confined solely to writing code.

As the event drew to a close, the audience departed not only enriched with knowledge but also imbued with a sense of inspiration. These six tech luminaries did not merely recount their stories; they bestowed upon the audience a collective vision of possibilities and aspirations within the ever-evolving realm of technology.

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