UG Bazaar: Online shopping in Nepal Review

UG Bazaar

UG Bazaar is an online shopping platform under Urban Girls Inc. Pvt. Ltd. Urban Girls launched UG Bazaar just this year in 2020. However, Urban Girls was in operation for some time now, as it was established back in 2012. They were famous for delivering cakes under the name Urban Cakes. UG Bazaar is just beginning and is focusing on a few niches in the first phase but has already planned 3 phases. However, they have launched this after years of experience and R&D and is now finally investment-ready. In addition, Forbes Magazine has listed the co-founders of UG Bazaar, Kiran Timsina and Nikita Acharya, in the prestigious Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia List.

Features and services

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UG Bazar is an online shopping platform in Nepal where you can buy and sell products online in Nepal. Now, you can also buy the ever-popular Urban Cakes from this platform. They have various categories of products to choose from. Some categories are food, men’s products, women’s products, kid’s products, furniture, beauty products, travel and tours, automobile accessories, and many more. They have a number of gift products including flower bouquets, cards, cups, t-shirts, keyrings, and many more. You can also book automobiles from here. The current Automobiles option available includes 2 wheelers and 4 wheelers.

It also has a feature where they first take a short questionnaire so that they show the type of products you are looking for. During the automobile searching process, they ask for choices like petrol/diesel or electric, and then 2-wheelers or 4-wheelers, and gradually other features so that they can show the products that you are specifically looking for. This is a very good feature as it is tedious for customers to go through all those products to find what s/he is looking for. You also have the option to skip the questionnaire if you don’t want to answer it.

Additionally, users can also buy items from auctions or offers available on the platform. We have more information about this feature below.

Can you sell on UG Bazaar?

Yes, you can. UG Bazaar not only sells its own products but also allows others to sell their products using this platform. For this, you have to create an account on UG bazaar at first. And, after that, you can sell your products either on offer or on an auction.

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Auction is a feature in which you put the product you want to sell on an auction and buyers will make a bid for them. Every time a buyer bids on your item, it will raise the current bid. At the end of the auction, the highest bidder gets the item. You will also have the option to keep a reserve amount that indicates the minimum price you need to sell it for.

Offer is another feature in which buyers can make offers for your items. One user can make up to 3 offers. It also has the feature in which you can include messages along with your offer for the seller to read. Also, buyers will be able to see the minimum reserve price set by the seller so they do not offer less than the minimum amount. Once the seller receives the offer, s/he can view the offer and choose who to sell them item to.

The above features make it unique to other online shopping platforms in Nepal. They have really planned and executed the UG Bazaar platform greatly. Moreover, this is just the beginning for UG Bazaar and there are more phases to come which will make it even better. Also, they are now ready for investments, and if you are interested, you can get in touch with them.

Also, UG Bazaar is available in android app as well as website.

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