Best Places to buy second-hand phones in Nepal? – 2023

Best Places to buy second-hand phones in Nepal? – 2023

There are times when you really want to buy your favorite phone but there isn’t enough budget in your pocket to get a new phone. Then, the other alternative you have is to buy a second-hand phone. You might wonder where you can buy second-hand phones in Nepal.

There are a lot of options available in Nepal to buy a second-hand phone. Some options include buying online via websites, or through social media groups, or visiting the physical stores directly. But, it might cause even more confusion to the buyer as to which option to choose. Here, we will explain the different options so that you can select which option you feel best for you.

Best Shops For Buying And Selling second-hand phones online via websites

One popular option for buying second-hand phones in Nepal is to buy online through websites. It allows you to browse through various sellers selling the model you want and you can choose among those sellers.

The most popular website for buying online second-hand phones in Nepal is

This is one of the oldest online platforms and has a large number of sellers from which you can buy the phones. You can find a large number of second-hand mobile phones available for purchase. Also, you can inquire about the phones through comments on the post, or by email, or by the verified numbers of the sellers. Even the website is fast which makes it popular among the people.

Other than, there are also other websites like

These websites are also similar to, but they are not as popular as If you like to compare phones and look for the best deals, online websites are the way to go. It saves you time and lets you decide after looking through various deals without having to visit multiple physical stores.

Best Shops For Buying second-hand phones via social media groups

Not all people in Nepal are familiar or comfortable using online websites. But most people are familiar with using social media to some extent. There are various Facebook groups in Nepal. The layout seems familiar and the posts look similar to other general posts. Also, you can easily get access to huge number of sellers that are willing to sell the phone of your dreams.

There are various Facebook groups for buying second-hand phones in Nepal. There are dedicated groups just for buying and selling second-hand phones. Some of the groups with a high number of members are

‘Mobile Buy and Sell in Nepal’ (59k members), ‘2nd hand cheapest buying and selling mobile in Nepal’ (110k members), and many more.

You can also find other groups by simply searching ‘buy second-hand phones’ in the search tab.

Best Physical Shops For Buying Second Hand Phones

Although an older method, many people still prefer buying directly from physical stores than online. You can go to different stores and inspect the phones by yourself before buying it.

With that in mind, the Tamrakar complex would be one great option for buying second-hand phones. It is located in Pako, New Road. It has over 50 shops and many of those stores sell second-hand phones. You can go through various shops in the same place before deciding on which one to buy.

Besides the Tamrakar Complex, there are various other physical stores available all over Nepal that sells second-hand phones. One advantage of buying a phone from a physical store is that you can take it back if there is some defect on the phone. You may not have the option to return the phone if you buy it online. Also, there is no reliable option to contact back to the seller if you encounter some defects on the phone.

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