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Snapchat: 10 Reasons why people love it

Snapchat: 10 Reasons why people love it

Snapchat is an American multimedia application and instant messenger developed by Snap, originally Snapchat Inc. One of the main features of Snapchat is that pictures and messages are usually only available to recipients for a short time before they become unavailable. The program has evolved from its initial focus on person-to-person photo sharing to now allow brands to display quick promotional content paired with “stories,” the content “discovery” from users’ 24-hour timelines. It also allows users to post “For My Eyes Only” photos, allowing them to save their photos in a password-protected location. It also makes limited use of end-to-end encryption, and there are plans to expand its use in the future.

Snapchat was created by Stanford University graduates Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown. It is known that it reflects the new and first mobile direction for social media and emphasizes users who interact with virtual labels and real improved materials. Since July 2021, Snapchat has had 293 million active users daily, 23 % more than a year. More than four billion photos are sent daily. Snapchat is popular with the younger generation, especially those who do not have 16 years, causing many privacy problems for parents.


10 reasons why people love Snapchat

1. A variety of filters:

Snapchat provides you with a variety of filters ranging from funny to scary.

2. Simple and easy to use:

Snapchat’s interface is user-friendly which makes it usable for all ages.

3. A great platform to interact with new people:

Snapchat allows you to add friends and maintain streaks which will increase your socialisation skills.

4. Gives an opportunity to explore places around you:

Using the map feature in Snapchat, you can discover places around you.

5. Get to know what your friends are up to and where:

Through the streaks and map features, you can know what your friends are doing.

6. Privacy is maintained:

Snapchat has options of disappearing chats which maintain privacy.

7. Allows you to follow celebrities and inform regarding world affairs:

You can follow various celebrities and influencers.

8. Save pictures in Snap Gallery:

Snapchat has an in-built gallery that allows you to save pictures and clips.

9. Quickly capture all your moments:

You can capture all the moments with Snapchat.

10. Helps you forget about being “perfect”:

You choose how and what you portray without striving for perfection.

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