How to pay Vianet Internet bill

With the great impact of digitization of global community, the transaction of physical currency are substituted with online transaction. Slowly the habit and trends of transction is also changing in Nepal. Today we easily found many online banking service to do transaction in Nepal. The approach of Governmental transaction areRead More →

How to use TOR browser

About TOR: If you want to be secured from the browsers it is possible via their privates modes but you can’t be able to be complete anonymous from own ISP. to be total anonymous it is not possible without dark web i.e TOR (The Onion Routing). the private modes fromRead More →

facebook blocked in australia

Facebook is restoring news pages in Australia Since last Thursday, Facebook has blocked news to Australians. This action was taken in response to proposed law. The law is intended to pay for the publishers by Facebook and Google. In a statement on Tuesday, Josh Frydenberg informed that news pages willRead More →


XAIOMI MI 11 ULTRA: The trends of selife is rapidly been popular in recent time. The smart phone manufacturing companies are on the compitition of innovating new and attractive features on selfie camera. meanwhile, every selfie camera have the poor quality than the primary camera. But the worldwide famous SmartphoneRead More →

How to install zoom on linux

Zoom is the cross platform video communication tool where users are serviced online seminars and video conference to host and be participate. Zoom can be installed in any operating system like Android, iOS, window and in Linux. Installing zoom on other operating system is easy that every person can doRead More →