Nepal’s first Google Certified

CG launches Nepal’s first Google Certified Android TV

Television has been an important part of our life. We have seen the evolution of TVs, from CRT to LCD. Likewise, these days the traditional televisions are being replaced by smart TVs. We have heard and used a smart Tv but the specs looked good on paper and not in reality. Moreover, CG has recently launched Nepal’s first Google Certified Android TV. This is now definitely changing the smart tv experience in Nepal.

Before talking about the Google Certified televisions from CG you should understand the meaning of Google Certified. So, smart tv is a tv that can connect to the internet. And there is no doubt that many TVs in the market these days can. Then what is so different about Google certified tv.

CG launches Nepal’s first Google Certified Android TV

Google Certification is an attempt to provide a better Android experience in Smart TVs. Likewise, the android is specially made for smart TVs. Moreover, the TVs that are certified bu google Includes features like, Google Assistant, Chromecast, and Play Store. The other features that google certified android TVs have are, Smoother User Interface, Better Software support, and different apps available that actually works.

Now let us look at Nepal’s first Google Certified Android TVs from CG.

Nepal’s first Google Certified Android TVs from CG.

CG has launched 6 different models of Android TV in Nepal which are certified by Google. Likewise, These TVs run on Android TV 9.0. The televisions are of different sizes and resolution. Moreover, the televisions include the quad-core processor, Dolby Digital sound, and Bluetooth support. There are the names of those 6 models with price.

CG TV ModelSize & ResolutionPrice in Nepal
CG75A175-inches 4K UHDRs. 2,50,190
CG65A165-inches 4K UHDRs. 1,08,590
CG55A155-inches 4K UHDRs. 68,890
CG50A150-inches 4K UHDRs. 60,090
CG43B143-inches FHDRs. 45,290
CG32B132-inches HDRs. 25,590

The TVs are available in all the CG showroom as well as in CG’s online store

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