CG TV price in Nepal

CG TV price in Nepal

CG is the local brand of Nepal which is really affordable and offers varieties of gadgets. While smartphones were discovered many people thought now its the end of the television era.

But, the importance of TV is still the same. So, its good to invest in TV. Here we have listed the affordable and local brand CG TV price in Nepal for you. Check out for more details for CG TV price with its specifications:

Meanwhile, there are 4 different CG TV edition in Nepal:

  1. Super 4K smart TV
  2. 4K smart TV
  3. CG Smart TV
  4. Turbo TV


CG Normal LED TV

CG Normal LED TV is the most simple model of CG. If you aren’t the one who is fond of watching TV then this is a great choice for you. Anyone who rarely uses the TV but wants them to complete the look of their living room can buy this as the price of this model is great. This TV comes with an HDMI port, PC input, and a USB port which makes the amount you pay worth it. CG Normal LED TV comes in two display sizes: CG 32-inch Normal LED and CG 24-inch Normal LED.

Below is the list of CG 24-inch Normal LED TV and CG 32-inch Normal LED TV price in Nepal. Check them out.

CG32DF2051366 x 768 pixels resolution32-inchNormal LED TVNPR 23,990
CG24DF2051366 x 768 pixels24-inchNormal LED TVNPR 16,990


CG has three different types of Smart LED TV: CG32DC100S.V1, CG43DJ06S, and CG43DJ06S. CG32DC100S.V1 and CG43DJ06S are similar to each other in terms of features, display, and price while CG43DJ06S has got extra more features.

CG32DC100S.V11366 x 768 pixels32-inchSMART LED TVNPR 25,222
CG43DJ06S1920 x 1080 pixels43-inchSMART LED TVNPR 42,883
CG43DJ06S1920 x 1080 pixels32-inchSMART LED TVNPR 25,222

CG 4K Smart TV

All these models of CG 4K Smart TV come with 4K resolution also also, they all are based on the Android platform. Take a look at all the features of the models and select the best one for you.

CG43DC200U (Super 4K)3840 x 216043-inchSuper 4K Smart TVNPR 51,757
CG43DC200U3840 x 216043-inch 4K Smart TVNPR 47,320
CG65DC200U3840 x 216065-inch4K Smart TVNPR 118,312
CG55DE100U3840 x 216055-inch4K Smart TVNPR 76,030
CG65DE200U.V13840 x 216065-inch4K UHD Smart TVNPR 97,606
CG55DE100U.V13840 x 216055-inch4K UHD Smart TVNPR 75,682
CG50DE100U.V13840 x 216050-inch
4K UHD Smart TVNPR 54,541

CG TV showroom all over Nepal

  • CG Digital Park, Satungal, Kathmandu: 01-5108132, 01-5108127
  • Kumaripati, Lalitpur: 01-5008771
  • Ravi Bhawan, Kathmandu: 01-4281479
  • Tangal, Kathmandu: 01-4411269
  • Tripureshwor, Kathmandu: 01-4117002
  • Nayabazar, Kathmandu: 01-4364072
  • Radhe-Radhe, Bhaktapur: 01-6638472
  • Bharatpur, Chitwan: 056-533230
  • Hattigauda, Kathmandu: 01-4376815
  • Itahari, Sunsari: 025-581126
  • Kirtipur, Kathmandu: 01-4331140

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