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Hamro Recharge- Send Mobile Recharge to your Friends and Families

Hamro Recharge- Send Mobile Recharge to your Friends and Families

Hamro Patro recently launched this new feature called Hamro Recharge. Through the web application, you can send recharge to all NTC, Ncell, and smart cell numbers.

This is most applicable for the people to send money to the remote areas where their families had no easy access to buy recharge cards. In most villages and remote areas of Nepal, people need to walk hundreds of meters to reach a nearby shop to buy recharge cards.

As we know the illiteracy rate of Nepal is high and even today many people don’t know how to recharge their phones. So, through this system people can recharge other’s mobile numbers.

Also these days many Nepalese people are staying abroad. Parents been in Nepal need to talk to their childrens. This new feature will also be useful for those staying abroad and need to recharge the mobile phones of their family members.

Lets see how to use this feature, recharge mobile phone.

Hamro Recharge Feature in Hamro Patro

How to recharge using Hamro Recharge?

-Enter the mobile number( NTC/Ncell/SmartCell) to which you would like to recharge as shown below.
hamro recharge number

-Choose the desired top-up amount from the options as shown in the image below.

Hamro recharge
-Login with your Facebook and Gmail accounts before further proceeding. You can also use any other social media accounts.

-Now continue payment with Card (Visa, MasterCard, UnionPay, and American Express) for the payment process.

Here is the link to the web portal where you can recharge using Hamro Recharge.

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Feel free to share us how you feel about this new feature of Hamro Patro and don’t forget to share this to your friends so that it is useful for others as well.

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