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27 Useful Windows Command Prompt Tricks You Might Not Know

27 Useful Windows Command Prompt Tricks You Might Not Know

The command prompt is available in every window based OS that was created by Microsoft in 1981, almost 40 years ago Window PowerShell is another advanced command-line interpreter available in the latest Windows versions. The alternative name used is a command processor, cmd prompt cmd.exe, shell.
The command prompt still doesn’t have a visual interface. It supports only text taken input from the keyboard. Command prompt lets you run, ping, ipconfig commands which tell you a lot about network interfaces in simple few steps;
There is a list of command prompt hacks listed below.


Ip config allows shows you all the networks connected to your PC.Network troubleshoot makes it easier for you in very few steps. It shows you the current IP address, subnet mask, IPV4 address, default gateway .

command prompt |ICT BYTE| command prompt shortcut .


Driverquery dynamically shows you the total driver installed on your pc and check its performance systematically. The driver of the software installed on your PC is listed. It also verifies whether the driver has worked or stop to work.

command prompt


The shutdown button allows your PC or computer to troubleshoot.Shutdown the computer using cmd is shutdown /s.Restart the computer using cmd is shutdown / r

command prompt useful tricks

System info:

 system info allows you to show a long the ultimate information of the computer system using cmd shortcuts on the computer.

command prompt useful tricks


It is the shortcut key to check battery status using cmd.Cmd shortcuts to find power configuratin of the battery.

command prompt useful tricks

Ctrl C:

 Exit from the current process. if the cmd prompt is messy to clear cmd it is used most of the clears the screen and makes workflow easy and clean.


In the cmd prompt, it is used to make a directory only in few steps. Create a new directory. New directory is created by mkdir .


Bitsadmin is a cmd tool used to create, upload, and downloads, and monitor their progress.

Cmd command:

 This command allows the user to open the cmd prompt in windows/vista.

Who am I:

 This command allows the user to show the detail of your Pc using the command prompt.


Assoc display all the file name associated with it .

command prompt


It clears the screen .Command prompt accept cls to clear all the screen and make it clean


Delmd is used to delete the directory in command prompt. Users uses this command for basic learning .this is the most used cmd prompt tricks by the users

command prompt


Del user is the shortcut to delete user from the directory .

command prompt


Dir is powerful command to list all the file directories in the system

command prompt

Doskey history:

Doskey history function is to show all the keywords used in command prompt .It also allow user to show the specific number of used command in prompt by using the number we desire .For example ,doskey history 10 it list out 10 command used in the prompt.

command prompt


Driver is powerful command shortcut to list all the driver installed in the system .

command prompt


Finger displays information about user on system .Those system which are logged in the system are listed statically.

command prompt


Command prompt shortcut another best is help .It list down all the usable keyword with basic function >It allows user to work with handy .

command prompt


It shows the path of the files and folder .

command prompt:


Power cfg/a allows user to whether to shutdown or sleep mode your system using command lines.

It is the basic keyword to shutdown your computer at few steps .

command prompt


System info allows user to take all the information of the system using single keyword systeminfo .

command prompt


List the task using command prompt .It allows user to list possible task running in the system.

command prompt


It indicates time and displays time of the system .

command prompt


Ver keyword allow ,display the which system is used in the computer .Version of the system software using command prompt .

command prompt

Wmic product get name:command prompt


powerful cmd tricks used mostly by system engineer and network engineer for encryption process .

command prompt useful tricks

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