How to write an attractive subject so all receivers will open your email?

How to write an attractive subject so all receivers will open your email?

Do you believe “people judge the book by its cover”?

Of course, they do. But a lot of it has to do with the title and the impression in a person. The same case goes with the emails.

People do judge the content of an email by reading the subject line. In fact, there is a probability that more than 30 % of email subscribers will open your email based on your attractive subject line.

Serious business marketers and digital marketers know the importance of this thing. Email subject lines matter a lot in every field. So you have to improve this skill if you haven’t done it yet.

Here we’re going to teach you with some tips and tricks on how to write an attractive subject so that all receivers will open your email.

5 tips to write an attractive subject in your email

#1. Start with Action-Oriented Verbs

Write your email subjects with action-oriented language that makes your subscribers click and open the email.

Add an action verb at the beginning of your subject line. Your aim is not only to grab the attention of your subscriber but make it clickable.

write an attractive subject in email

Actionable subject lines are catchy and it creates a sense of excitement to the users. Actionable verbs include Do this right now, Win Free gifts, Do this to get more profit, etc.

#2. Ask Open-ended questions

Questions are a great way to focus your reader’s attention and bring curiosity. It will also feel incomplete on their own and this thing will inspire readers to open the email to the users in search of an answer.

write an attractive subject in email

Example: If you are writing an email about Strong aspiring female leaders. Write the email subject line as “Do you know What strong women do and how they inspire?”

#3. Make Subscribers feel “Exclusive”

Everybody loves it when you make them feel special. People always have that need to belonging feeling. So write your email title in such a way that subscribers feel privileged.

A few simple phrase ideas that you can use to write professional emails to make your subscribers feel special.

write an attractive subject in email
  • “Exclusive gift”
  • “Free goody”
  • “Special invite”
  • “Insider’s look”
  • “Private invitation”
  • “Discount only for you”
  • “For our esteemed customers”

#4. Invoke a Level of Curiosity

Curiosity is all within us. It’s all our nature to find the hidden treasure and wanting to know more. So write an email header in such a catchy way that increases curiosity level in the readers.

While writing emails you must write a simple and on the topic subject. But it is really okay to write that kind of subject that attracts subscribers to click and open the email.

You can find many email articles on the web that have this kind of subject. Better take a reference from there to write an appropriate subject.

#5: Keep them Short & Straightforward

When it comes to writing professional email subject lines, short works better and it has its own format. Because your readers may lose the main thing you want to make them understand.

Avoiding unnecessary points makes it short and will convey the message more clearly.

Write a few lines and a few times to find the appropriate one. You can take references from the internet. According to research email subject lines must be 2 or fewer characters to make it open and appropriate.

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