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10 Things You Can Do Online in this Self-isolation.

10 Things You Can Do Online in this Self-isolation.

“Do Online in this Self-isolation and get yourself involved”

With the world practicing self-isolation and social distancing amid the coronavirus pandemic, all individuals in Nepal have been urged to locked down inside at home. Everyone is at a state of self-isolation. But staying in can be just as fun and as productive.

Staying inside and communicating in the virtual world can be much more fun than you have never thought. There are also lots of things to do online rather than chatting the whole time.

Take this isolation period as self-exploring time. Do whatever you want to, explore the fields that you are interested in. Here we are telling you some of the tips that you can do online in this self-isolation.

#1. Learn How to PodCast

The podcast is a great way to develop your communication skills. You can speak your thoughts and record them. Practice makes a man perfect. So this is a great time for you to learn the podcast online from different courses online.
You can also listen to podcasts from your favorite artists.

#2. Play Games Online

Games are really fun and entertaining. It is the best thing if you want to distract your mind from unwanted thoughts. Now games like PUBG, ludo online had brought people closer. They can communicate there and play at the same time.

#3. Read a book from different Online Sites

You can get a lot of different genre books online. Make a habit of reading books daily. You can get pdf versions to download or you can read online. Reading books will increase your creativity as well as reduce mental stress.

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#4. Watch Movies From Netflix

Netflix has a huge collection of movies. It is the best time to pass your time. Watch documentaries or watch comedy movies and entertain yourself. Have positive thoughts and get inspired by the stories of the movies.

#5. Learn how to meditate from professionals Online

Meditation is a great way to reduce mental stress while working from home. Staying the whole day at home can be really tiring. You can get negative thoughts. So it is best to meditate. You can watch the videos online. Or you can join the community online for more inspirations. Doing something in a team can be more fun.

#6. Start a blog

Blogging is a platform where you can express your thoughts. You can share random things while writing a blog. Blogging doesnt need any experience. You can blog on whatever topic you feel to write. It will benefit you to remember things and bring more creativity to you

#7. Learn how to Knit from youtube

Youtube is a great source of information. Learning from youtube videos can be fun. There are lots of beginner courses from professionals to learn knitting online. Knit in your self-isolation period and gift the loved ones beautiful products.

#8. Explore the places in Google and Make a travel bucket list

It may sound a little crazy to make a travel bucket list staying in lockdown state. But imagination is a good thing to bring excitement. Explore the different places in google and mark it up. Try it you feel better and enjoy that imagination roaming the random places. Feel like you have traveled there. This will bring you the next level of enjoyment and excitement.

#9. Make new friends from a different territory and learn a language

Challenge yourself to learn a language in just a few weeks of lockdown Make new friends online and try to speak with them in your language. You can get tons of different applications and sites online to learn the lessons for free. Motivate yourself and do it.

#10. Play the mashup Online and Dance

Learn new moves and dance. Play the music of your choice and mashups online, move your body and get energized. This free time will never be back. sO make most out of it. Dance freely and enjoy your self-time. Bing the positivity out and stay happy.

There are so many more things to do online in this self-isolation period. Comment down below if you can recommend more.

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