How To Use Netflix Secret Codes In 2021 To Find The Perfect TV Show?

How To Use Netflix Secret Codes In 2021 To Find The Perfect TV Show?

In many or say all genres Netflix has thousand of movies and shows. It is spread globally. You can get your desired movies and right shows in the drop-down menu in Movies section.

There are many people who don’t know the Netflix also have the sub-genres which use Netflix secret codes to get accessed. If you want to sort the movies and shows of Netflix then you can Use Netflix Secret Codes or say it’s time to search movies via the use of cheat codes.

What are Netflix Secret codes?

There are numerous webpages of Netflix to manage their movies and shows according to genres and sub-genres. Some of it’s examples are Horror, Comedy, drama, and so on. The fact is that you can directly land on a movies which you want to wish to watch for. For example you can directly land on the page on which only Tom Cruise movies will be available.

This is the useful features for the people who want to browse Netflix regularly. This is the best and worthy idea to get your desired movies.

How do I use Netflix secret codes?

As we’ve recently discussed, Netflix has assigned an ID Number for each and every genre and sub-genre from where you can directly access their pages by typing the number along with the following URL.

The “Military movies based on real life” Netflix Secret Codes is 1216900. then the URL will looks somethings like we mentioned below.
Netflix Secret Codes

We’ve roughly estimated that there are approximately around 3000 categories pages which are existing on Netflix.

List of Netflix Secret Codes

Now, I can’t suggest the best Netflix cheat codes to you because it depends from person to person. Some people might want to watch action movies while some would cling on to period dramas.

Anyway, here I have composed a list of Netflix secret codes that I think would be helpful to most of the users.

  • Action & Adventure: 1365
  • Action Comedies: 43040
  • Asian Action Movies: 77232
  • Classic Action & Adventure: 46576
  • Anime: 7424
  • Anime Comedies: 9302
  • Anime Action: 2653
  • Anime Horror: 10695
  • Anime Series: 6721
  • Anime Dramas: 452
  • Children & Family: 783
  • Disney: 67673
  • TV Cartoons: 11177
  • Kids’ TV: 27346
  • Classic: 31574
  • Classic action & adventure: 46576
  • Classic westerns: 47465
  • Classic romantic movies: 31273
  • Classic dramas: 29809
  • Classic comedies: 31694
  • Comedy: 6548
  • Slapstick comedies: 10256
  • Horror comedies: 89585
  • Dark comedies: 869
  • Stand-up Comedy: 11559
  • Steamy romantic movies: 35800
  • Teen Comedies: 3519
  • Romantic Comedies: 5475
  • Documentaries: 6839
  • Biographical documentaries: 3652
  • Historical documentaries: 5349
  • Sports documentaries: 180
  • Dramas: 5763
  • Horror: 8711
  • Music: 1701
  • Romantic: 8883
  • Sci-fi & Fantasy: 1492
  • Sports: 4370
  • Art House Movies: 29764
  • Thrillers: 8933
  • TV Shows: 83
  • Science & nature: 52780
  • Indian movies: 10463
  • Experimental movies: 11079
  • Miniseries: 4814
  • Korean TV shows: 67879
  • Food & travel: 72436
  • LGBT Dramas: 500
  • Film Noir: 7687
  • World music concerts: 2856
  • Rock & pop concerts: 3278

Some Netflix Secret Codes for Christmas Movies

  • Christmas, Children & Family Films (1474017)
  • Christmas, Children & Family Films, Ages 5 to 7 (1477201)
  • Christmas, Children & Family Films, Ages 8 to 10 (1477204)
  • Christmas, Children & Family Films, Ages 11 to 12 (1477206)
  • Christmas, Children & Family Films, British (1527064)
  • Christmas, Children & Family Films, Canadian (1721544)
  • Christmas, Children & Family Films, European (1527063)
  • Christmas, Children & Family Films, Feel-good (1475066)
  • Christmas, Children & Family Films, From the 1990s (1476024)
  • Christmas, Children & Family Films, Goofy (1475071)
  • Christmas, Family-friendly Films (1394522)
  • Christmas Films, Romantic (1394527)

Try the extensions

Always entering URL will be a boring task for you. For the shortcut you can use Netflix Secret Codes and bookmrk those pages. But in case if you want to explore another category then you can take a help of the browser extension. It makes you easy to make all the genres and sub-genres with the tip of you finger. As the alternative you can use Chrome extensions called Netflix Categories and FindFlix.

How to Find More Netflix Secret Codes?

You can opt for the standard method if you need entire Netflix secret code. But you can find many Netflix secret codes here but making a list is too much boring and problem to you. For example, You can simply click on any of the recommendations at the top of the content if you want to get a specific category.

Note: There are specific codes on Netflix for each category. You can simply take a look at the URL for the discovery of category of Netflix Codes.

Netflix Secret Codes

Does Netflix category codes work on mobile?

Being truthfully, You can’t use these secret codes of Netflix to browse the category on Android and iOS devices, Because the the mechanism is totally different than how you do on the other compatible devices. The reason is that the website app has the total difference mechanism. You can’t use Netflix secret codes on the browser of phone it is because it will auto open the app as a homepage of the phone.

We hope these guidelines help you to know How To Use Netflix Secret Codes In 2021 To Find The Perfect TV Show? If any queries arise regarding this topic then ICT BYTE recommend you to comment below. Here, we are always active to help you so don’t hesitate to share your doubt.

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