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How To Enable Call Forwarding on Android?

How To Enable Call Forwarding on Android?

Call Forwarding :

Are you looking for call forwarding on Android device? It is really possible to transfer incoming calls to any other secondary numbers. It is very important feature. When we are busy on important work we need a silence there this feature is completely useful or something other reason that user vary. Setting on call forwarding help not to deduct call roaming amount. Many people use this feature for various purposes according to their situation.

Whatever the condition will be but the Call Forwarding settings is device-based. All devices has no same process to forward call actually its vary upon which phones are you using right now.

Here are some steps to set Call Forward Setting :

Step 1: Open Phone Call App on your Android device.
Step 2: Click on the three dot menu reside in downward-left side.
Step 3: Then Call Settings Menu will Appears as an interface.
Step 4: Slowly scroll down then you will found Call Forward setting then hit that option.
Step 5: Then the next interface will appear where you have to choose SIM card to forward call.
Step 6: Then the several options (Always forward, When Busy, When unanswered, When unreachable) will appear choosing SIM card selet the option by how you want to forward.

You are all set now.

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