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How to Create a Folder on Mac?

How to Create a Folder on Mac?

If you want a clean desktop on your mac then you must learn how to create a folder on mac. By creating a folder you will organize all your files in one place and hence it becomes easier for you to search for any specific files.

Folders are made so that you can store any kind of file, either it might be a text document, spreadsheet or music, photos, and videos. You also can create folders within folders to make your desktop more organized. Now let’s talk about how you can create folders in mac and ora=ganize them.

How to create a folder on Mac?

how to create a folder on mac

1st Method:

  1. You will find word Finder if you properly navigate desktop of your Mac on the top left corner beside apple icon. If you see anything like Safari or Word you are inside that program so click an empty space in desktop.
  2. Beside Finder, you will see word File. Click on that
  3. Hence the folder is created.

2nd Method:

  1. Navigate your desktop.
  2. In an empty space on your desktop, right-click on your mouse or if want to do from trackpad then use two-finger and held close together.
  3. In the menu, you will see New Folder. Click that

How to move items into folders?

Here are the steps to move items into folders:

  • Navigate your destop and click the finder ion.
  • Follow any if these steps
  1. Put an item into folder: Drag items into that folder.
  2. Place multiple items into the folder: Select all the items and drag them into the folder.
  3. Put a copy of an item into a folder and keep an item in the original location: Select the item you want to copy. After that press and hold the option key and drag the item to the folder.
  4. Make a copy of an item in the same folder. Select the item you want to copy and choose file> Duplicate of just press Command-D

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