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How To Remove Watermarks From Videos, Photos, And PDFs With Ease

How To Remove Watermarks From Videos, Photos, And PDFs With Ease

Watermarks are usually logos attached to media for copyright purposes. When it used in photo, videos, and PDFs, it is a way of indicating that the rights to the image, videos, PDFs belongs to the owner. More and more photographers will use watermarks when publishing their product for the popularization of copyright awareness. It is necessary to remove that watermark with the quality of products. Thankfully, we have lots of watermark remover tools that can do remover quite easily.

In this article, we’ll go through the best watermark removers for photos, videos, and PDF. I’ll guide you to remove the watermark and what should we do when the location of the watermark of some images is complicated? You can find the many watermark remover online, and also if you want there are watermark-remover software that can be downloaded for free.

How to remove the watermark from videos, photos, and PDFs

I already mentioned above, both online and offline tools are available to remove the watermark. With that out of the way, let’s begin.

How to remove the watermark from a photo

Apowersoft Watermark Remover

Apowersoft watermark Remover is one of the best online watermark remover tools. It helps you to add or remove watermarks in photos, videos, and PDFs easily. It offers a free watermark remover with a small download. But if you want to buy a permanent license, then you have to pay for it. And the tools also support bath processing of multiple watermarks at once. it provides drag and drops features.

remove watermark Apowersoft

How to remove the watermark from the photo with Apowersoft?

Step 1: You need to select the option to remove the watermark from the photo.

Step 2: Then upload the photo that you can remove the watermark from your local device and highlight the watermark.

Step 3: Finally, click on convert and the software will download the finished image to your system


Inpaint is an online tool that can magically remove the watermark from photos. It is a free tool with limited functionality. If you want to try the Inpaint tool then you don’t need to worry about picture quality, you will get clear, spectacular images with few gestures. It will work on all browsers the offline version supports Windows, Mac, and iOS. For this, you need a 7 or higher windows version and the macOS version needs to be 10.13 or higher.

remove watermark Inpaint

How to remove the watermark with Inpaint?

Step 1: When you enter their site, Drop the file to the window directly or click the “upload image” to upload your photo. But you must know the format of the image, it should be JPG or PNG and the size cannot exceed 10MB.

Step 2: After that select the watermark removal tool you need in the left menu bar.  Then you’ll see frame the location of the watermark on the photo and click the green “Erase”.

Step 3: After the moments, you can receive the photo without a watermark. Then you can download the picture by clicking on the download button. Which shows in the top right corner of the page


Photoshop is one of the greatest imaging and graphic software. You can do lots of things on Photoshop like Photo editing, composting to digital painting, animating, and much more. It will work on both Windows and macOS systems. Photoshop is one of the best tools to remove the watermark from your photos. And it has a variety of other features for photos. Furthermore, you’ll get perfect image quality.

remove watermarks photoshop

How to remove the watermark with photoshop?

Step 1: Firstly, Download and install the software then launch photoshop.

Step 2: Then drag the image to remove the watermark directly to the interface of Adobe Photoshop. Also, you can click “File”>” open…” or use a shortcut to load photos.

Step 3: Now, you need to select the “Content-Aware Move Tool” in Photoshop. Then you need to click and hold to select the area in the photo to remove the watermark.

Step 4: At the end, go to “Edit”>Fill”, you’ll see a “Fill” pop-up box. Then you need to choose “Content-Aware” under the content list and set mode to “Normal”. When you finished setting, then click the “OK” button and save the image.

Also, you can use offline tools like SoftOrbits photo Stamp Remover and Fotophire Editing Toolkit.

How to remove the watermark from videos

In some cases, people may want to remove the watermark from the video. Here are some tools to remove the watermark from videos

Apowersoft video Watermark remover

Apowersoft is also used to remove the watermark from videos. It is an Impressive online video watermark remover without downloads for free but also it has a paid version. It supports all types of formats like mp4, Mkv, Flv, MOV, 3gp, Avi, mpg, etc. It also maintains your privacy, after removing the watermark, it deletes videos from its server as a security measure. Also uploaded files will be 100% confidential. It works on Windows 8, 10, 7, Mac OS10.11 and above, and iOS.

Apowersoft video watermark remover

How to remove the watermark from the video with Apowersoft?

Step 1: Open your favorite browser on your PC then go to the program’s official website.

Step 2: Then, click on the “Remove Watermark from Video” button to add video file then click the “Add Box (es)” button to get the marker tool then select a watermark that you want to remove

Step 3: After that, click on the “Erase” button to remove the watermark and wait for it to be processed.

Step 4: Finally, to download the video click on the save button.


 Beecut is available as a free trial download, after finishing the trial period you have to pay from it and there are 2 packages a personal account and a business account.  It is a video watermark remover software with high compatibility supporting Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS.  It supports multiple aspect ratios. You can use multiple tools to remove a watermark from the video and the free version has good enough features.

remove watermarks beecut

How to remove the watermark from the video with Beecut?

Step 1: After opening the Beecut, to open video files into the video watermark remove the application you can use the import function.

Step 2: Once you see the video and click on the screen, drag it to the timeline.

Step 3: Now, select the video and click on the “Mosaic

Step 4: Click on Add and a box will appear. Then place the box on the watermark and the software will do the rest

Step 5: After finishing the work, then export the video to save.


Filmora9 is another best tool to remove the watermark from the video also can be downloaded for free or paid for with a yearly plan. Same as Beecut, it has multiple tools to remove the watermark from the video. Also, you can add many layers to the video. It supports Windows and Mac. You can get different versions of Filmora9 for 10.7 to 10.10. It also has 4k support.


How to remove watermarks from the video with Filmora9?

Step 1: To import the video, open your Filmora9 app

Step 2: Click on the effects, then Utility, and use Mosaic

Step 3: After opening a box on the video which you should use for covering the watermark.

Step 4: Next, go to the Mosaic effects and set the blur amount to any you want.

How to remove watermarks from PDFs

To remove the watermark from PDFs, first of all, we need to convert PDF to word then remove the watermark on a word. For this, we can use the online PDF to Word converter on EasePDF or use Microsoft Word itself.

Adobe Acrobat pro

Adobe Acrobat Pro is one of the most popular software. You can do lots of work on it such as Adobe pro enables the user to add, edit, or remove a watermark from PDFs. You need to follow these steps to remove watermarks.

remove watermarks adobe acrobat pro

Step 1: Download and install the software, then you need to open the PDFs with Adobe Acrobat pro

Step 2: Go to the “tools” and select “Edit PDF”

Step 3:  On the editing toolbar you’ll see “Watermark” click on it and choose “Remove” from the drop-down list

Step 4: A prompt will pop up to ask “Are you sure to permanently remove the watermark”, then click on “OK”, after that all watermarks on this PDF will be deleted.

You can remove the watermark from various tools like ApowerPDF, Microsoft Word, and EasePDF PDF to Word converter. These tools are best for removing the watermark from PDF.

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How to remove the watermark from PDF online

If you don’t want to install a third-party app and want to remove the watermark on your cell phone. But you don’t have any idea about it. Well, we’ll show you how to remove the watermark from PDF online with pdfFiller.

Step 1: Go to pdfFiller

Step 2: To upload a PDF file from your computer or open a document, you need to choose a suitable browser.

Step 3:  When you’re editing your document, on the right corner you’ll see a watermark click on it. To hide the watermark, uncheck the corresponding checkbox. Then double click on the watermark and click on the delete icon. Then you can remove the watermark from the PDF

Step 4: At the end, click on the done button and choose the format that you want to save as.

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