How do I check screen time on Windows, Android, and iOS? (2020)

How do I check screen time on Windows, Android, and iOS? (2020)

Know your Screen time

Nowadays every work is highly depended on mobiles and laptops. We spend much of our time in those devices such that we don’t know what amount of time we are providing to these devices. Also if you have a child and he/she is always on their smart devices then you want to limit it to certain times and know about how much time they provide to the devices.

So, you actually can keep track of the time you or your child spends on the smart devices. Thus, knowing about the time spent on the smart device you can easily plan or limit the time. By following the steps below you can easily know about the screen time.

Check screen time on Android:

Android check screen time on
  1. Go to settings of your android phone
  2. Then go to device care and then Battery option
  3. You can see the screen time and detailed battery usage

Note: If you don’t have device care option then after settings go to battery.

Check screen time on Windows:

check screen time on Windows
  1. Go to settings
  2. Then click the account option
  3. Click Family & other users
  4. Then you can add a family member or any other user whose screen time you want to view

Note: Your family member or the other user needs to have a Microsoft account in order to use this feature. After adding the account the request should be approved by a family member/another user account.

Check screen time on iOS:

iOS check screen time
  1. Go to settings of your iOS device
  2. Tap Screen Time option
  3. Turn on Screen Time and tap continue
  4. Select your device or child’s device

Once you complete the above steps you can view screen time reports and adjust settings.

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Check screen time on Mac:

Mac check screen time

Step 1: Select the menu then click on System Preferences.

Step 2: Select the Screen Time and tap on the options located on the left-bottom side of the screen.

Step 3: Enable the Screen time located at the right-top side of the screen. You can also see the usage data for various devices using Apple ID and password.

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