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Best Cheapest internet service in Nepal- 2023

Best Cheapest internet service in Nepal- 2023

The internet is a huge network that connects computers all over the world. The Internet allows people to share and communicate information anywhere with an Internet connection.

The Internet allows people to improve the quality of their life. It opens up access to previously inaccessible things. With nearly three million users, the Internet is emerging as one of the most important means of communication. Below is a list and description of some popular and cheapest internet service providers in Nepal:

  1. World Link
  2. Subisu
  3. Classic Tech
  4. Vianet
  5. Nepal Telecom FTTH

Cheapest Internet Service- 2023

1) World Link:

cheapest internet service

According to the latest report from the Nepal Telecommunication Authority (NTA) Management Information System (MIS), Worldlink (FTTH) alone has a user base of 623,850. This makes it the largest ISP and the third largest telecommunications company in Nepal.

In 2020 it was 25 years of service. The journey began with the introduction of the email service in 1995 and the company has achieved a lot over the years.

Worldlink signed a $ 12 million contract with UK-based CDC Group in October 2019 to expand the company’s facilities and operations in rural Nepal. In addition, Worldlink offers free wi-fi and wi-fi “My Worldlink” (exclusively for Worldlink users) in over 10,000 Nepal offices. Currently, there are more than 14,000 of these Wifi hotspots in Nepal.

In addition, the organization is planning to expand its operation to 30,000 locations. He currently offers network coverage in 73 districts, including the most remote areas of Karnali.

Worldlink currently offers internet floors for residential fibers with a maximum of 1 Gbps in bandwidth under the photographic package. You can also choose the 600 Mbps internet plans instead. In any case, you get 1 year of Internet connection, up to 3 IPTV TVs, and the possibility of extending the coverage area with Mesh Wi-Fi.

If you don’t consider yourself an advanced user, you can just skip it for Photon Lite packages. These are more affordable and flexible as you can pay quarterly or annually.

These packages also come with a standard free NetTV connection, which requires you to use a set-top box (STB) to watch online content or TV.

Other than that, the “myWorldlink” app is useful for tracking internet usage, reporting issues, changing Wi-Fi passwords, and more. With the latest update, the app now also has troubleshooting.

Apart from that, each plan contains the following functions:

2 ुनुन्तै: WorldLink promises to solve your internet-related problem within two hours. If not, users receive two days of internet free of charge.

Safenet: To monitor the use and the filter, block all malicious content on the web

Time back: Compensation against the interrupted service for internet failure or other reasons

WLAN mobility: As already mentioned, it is a partnership with Facebook connectivity that provides more than 14,000 hotspots throughout Nepal with its Express Wi-Fi platform.

2) Subisu:

cheapest internet service

Subisu is another household name when it comes to digital TV and internet services in Nepal. Founded in 2001, Subisu is the only cable operator in Nepal to be ISO 9001: 2015 and 27001: 2013 certified. This in itself should speak volumes.

Although it had a total of 208,817 fiber internet subscribers last year, it dropped to 204,812. This pushed the company from second to third on this list. The slight decrease can have several causes.

While other companies have announced new plans with higher bandwidth, Subisu has stuck with what it had the longest. Also, the website hasn’t done a good job of informing users about the latest offers and convincing new users.

However, he is looking to come back with new plans like Subhakamana, Tezz Full, and Jhakkas. Likewise, the website has now improved, although we still think it could be even better. For example, it is difficult to obtain prices of 6 months and 12 months of Subisu plans.

You can opt for Fiber Internet with or without a clear television here. However, the bandwidth on the internet subscription without television is lower than that with television.

In terms of technology, Subisu offers two: Fiber and Internet Internet services. Here, the internet connection based on fibers is through optical fiber lines, while wireless broadband is obtained according to radio frequencies (without cable). Of the two, fiber is the optimal choice in many respects, such as link quality, safety, and overall cost.

Conversely, wireless Internet can be a good option for those looking for quick setup and access to hotspots; all at the expense of signal strength and network security.

But if you want to subscribe to Subisu wireless internet, you should know that the company only provides this service outside the Kathmandu valley. Even with wireless internet, you cannot opt ​​for the installation of Clear TV.


3) Classic Tech:

cheapest internet service

Classic Tech is currently running smoothly. The last time we updated this list of the best internet service providers (ISPs) in Nepal, it was third on the list. A year earlier? – Fourth. However, it is now the second best FTTH provider in the country with a user base of 211,147.

Classic technology came at the end of the speed war, but with a bang. He launched Tachyon plans to counter Worldlink Photon plans with a maximum bandwidth of up to 1Gbps. The company even offers Huawei Wi-Fi 6 routers in partnership with Huawei under Platinum Tachyon plans.

4) Vianet:

cheapest internet service

Vianet is now the fourth largest ISP in Nepal. Subisu and Classic Tech have recently experienced greater customer growth than Vianet. That being said, many people are still subscribed to Vianet. Its FTTH service has a strong presence, especially in the Kathmandu Valley, with many satisfied home and business users.

While most traditional ISPs have stopped offering monthly plans, Vianet still offers them as part of its Ultra-Fi plan. Likewise, it also has a 75 Mbps plan for low-bandwidth users, which comes with the Ncell data package as a free add-on.

For these reasons, you may have seen many internet polls where Vianet is voted one of the best internet service providers in Nepal. However, the company has failed to expand to other regions of the country as effectively as the competition.

Despite its label as one of the largest ISPs in Nepal, Vianet has failed to expand its operations into several districts of Nepal. The company currently operates in 22 districts, the most remote being in Darchula, Khalanga.

5) Nepal Telecom FTTH:

cheapest internet service

Then we have FTTH internet from our dear old Nepal Telecom. Although people put the notoriously slow ADSL-based Internet services to shame, believe it or not, NT’s FTTH service had some advantages.

Although Nepal Telecom is the largest broadband service provider in the country, only 174,049 users have subscribed to its fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) internet package. However, the number has increased since the first lockdown. For reference, NT registered 60,000 new users in the first 10 months of lockdown. NT FTTH is now available in 64 different locations in different districts, with speeds ranging from 25 Mbps to 80 Mbps under different plans and packages. To entice more users, these Internet plans are bundled with NTTV (limited to Kathmandu and Banepa) and telephone service.


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