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eSIM Service in Nepal: A step towards advancement! Details you don’t want to overlook

eSIM Service in Nepal: A step towards advancement! Details you don’t want to overlook

An eSIM card allows you to change your wireless carrier, data plan, or plan through software. On eSIM devices, you can usually go to a menu or take a picture of a QR code to change carriers or plans. You don’t need to go to the store, wait for the mail, or play with a small chip. It is often possible to use two different lines on the same device, such as home and work, or switch between different data plans depending on where you are.

Nepal Telecom, a leading Sim service company in Nepal has launched eSIM in Nepal in collaboration with a UK-based company. In this post, you will find more information on eSIM Service.


eSIM rollouts

Nepal Telecom is the first operator to provide eSIM connectivity in Nepal. The telecom operator initially committed funds to the project in the 2078/079 financial year to deploy its eSIM platform. Similarly, in April 2022, NTC signed a contract with Monty UK Global Limited to provide an eSIM platform for telcos.

It also notes that NTC currently relies on third-party solutions for its eSIM platform. Anyway, if all goes according to plan, the eSIM will be available when Shravan arrives in Nepal. NTC hopes to distribute around 150,000 e-SIM cards in Nepal within the first year. Again, there aren’t many eSIM-compatible devices in Nepal, so we don’t know how smoothly this rollout will go.

How to avail of eSIM in Nepal?

All existing NTC prepaid and postpaid customers are eligible for a free eSIM upgrade. To join it, users have to fill out a form and send it to the company. This service is currently only available at the Sundara branch in Kathmandu as of now.

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