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7 Best Weather Websites For Accurate Forecast in 2020

7 Best Weather Websites For Accurate Forecast in 2020

Do you know that we can forecast the weather through the websites and even mobile apps?

Knowing the weather condition before and planning your whole day can be really helpful. It becomes easy to go outside with all the precautions earlier. I mean, if it is gonna be a rainy day, we can take umbrellas or raincoats with us while going out from home. For all this purpose we can rely on the weather forecasts provided by certain websites and applications.

As technology is involved in each and every activity of our daily life, we can also depend upon the sites to know the day temperature. So, Here I have listed you the top websites that you can trust to know what’s happening outside with the weather.

7 Best Weather Websites For Accurate Forecast

  1. AccuWeather
  2. The Weather Channel
  3. Weather Underground
  4. Weatherbug
  5. World Weather Online
  6. Windy
  7. Ventusky

#1. AccuWeather

Accuweather is the most popular website for accurate forecasts among weather forecasting. You must have heard about this before and this site is very easy to search for the weather reports. Just head to the website and see the live local atmospheric condition as per your current location. If you want to know some other place weather that you are going to visit just change the postal code or the location.

There’s an additional section on the website that provides Maps, Severe Weather, Videos, and more.

#2. The Weather Channel

The weather channel, as the name suggests its a channel for all the weather-related information. It provides you local weather news and more options.

As similar to Accuweather it provides your current location by default and weather current conditions as per the location.
Furthermore, the website has a news section about the weather, monsoon, and science-related videos. There’s a health-related topic along with the top cities section.

#3. Weather Underground

Weather Underground is another website that provides you all weather-related local news and updates. Just ask what is the local weather around me? It provides you current location weather conditions.

The site also displays the top weather news. There are more sections to explore such as Maps and Radar, News and Blogs, Mobile Applications, SensorNetwork, and More.

If you want to get real-time updates and alerts you can sign up for the website.

#4. Weatherbug

Weatherbug is another website that provides you weather-related news with an online and live weather service.
There’s also a Live Radar section to give you the most accurate weather forecast. It displays current weather near your current location along with the hourly and 10-day basis update.
There’s a three-section divided which has a detailed weather report on one side, news at another side, and ads on the third section. The lifestyle section of this website makes this best weather website.

#5. World Weather Online

World weather online is the most accurate weather website and its temperature according to my current location as it is found pretty accurate. Along with its weather, the website also gives you an animated map and the temperature for other neighboring cities.

Furthermore, there are Holiday weather, the Latest blog posts, and sports weather on the site. It has also other menu options and API for developers, World, Videos, Activities, and Holidays.

#6. Windy

Windy is a popular website which lists down live atmospheric conditions and real-time radar data for weather-related news and details. It provides you map to look for all the weather conditions throughout the world. It has the temperature of your location in the foreground so it’s your wish to look for both options together.

The website also provides you hurricane details, rain and thunder, air quality, waves, clouds, and more. You can also share weather reports on social media sites.

#7. Ventusky

Ventusky is also a weather forecasting website that has a live map in the background just like Windy weather. There are various other options to choose from places on the map and search for them on the world map.

This website really has a visually appealing design and the most beneficial thing is settings in the site which allows you to edit some settings as per your wish to have easy access to weather conditions.

There are lot more Weather Websites For Accurate Forecast, you can find further on the sites.

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