10 Agriculture Apps for Farmers

10 Agriculture Apps for Farmers

Agriculture apps for farmers are the new steps towards the digital agriculture.

Along with the development in ICT sectors, agriculture is also in rapid development. There is advancement in the processes and techniques in agricultural business. More and more researches are being made for the farming industry day by day.

Similarly, the development of apps for farmers is a small contribution of the ICT sector to the agriculture industry. For making farming economically and environmentally sustainable, agricultural apps can be of great help for farmers.

Agriculture experts have brought smart farming technologies to increase productivity and maximize yields.

According to the research made by the Farm Journal Media 59% of farmers uses a smartphone and 44% of farmers use tablets.

Why Agriculture Apps for farmers ??

  • Helps to boost overall business performance.
  • Keep tracks of market prices.
  • Community to share their ideas and common platform to know the same persons in the field of agriculture.
  • They can access information regarding weather, weather forecasts, etc.
  • Contacts to provide nutritious and economical foods
  • Get more details about dealers, sellers, and agro advisors
  • Know about all the new essentials types of equipment for farming

If you are a farmer, its high time to embrace the 21st century and make a smart move by downloading different agricultural apps.

This small step will help your agricultural business to take a huge difference. Here are some lists of agriculture apps for farmers :

10 Agriculture Apps for Farmers

  1. Fieldcheck app
  2. AgWeb
  3. Kugler Timing app
  4. Agronote
  5. AkerScout
  6. FarmLogs
  7. Agrellus app
  8. Agsense app
  9. Cropstream app
  10. FarmFutures

FieldCheck app

fieldcheck app

Fieldchecker app is an app that allows you to easily locate specialty crops and beehive locations to pesticide applicators. It uses GPS and a specific address search location to locate the exact place to spread insecticides and pesticides.

The app is available for Android and IOS Systems.



Agronote is an agriculture app for farmers for recordkeeping of incomes, expenses, and livestock. It also provides machinery procedures. Moreover, Agronote will help the farmers to keep farm records, financial records and store data about daily operations.

Download Android Agronote


Farmfutures is an update making app for farmers. It provides all the latest news, quotes, podcasts, comments, and the latest farming industry news from all around the world.



AkerScout is a smartphone application that helps the farmers to identify and prioritize crop damages in crops. It identifies the crops that need immediate attention. It supports various crop types such as corn, soy, and sugarbeet. Moreover, this application is GPS enabled to capture diseases, weather, plant population, damage severity, and field mapping.

Available Apps in Android | iPad | iPhone



Agweb is another application for farmers. This apps helps the farmers to receive direct feeds on up to date market quotes. Moreover, it also provides weather forecasts for up to 7 days and all the agricultural-related news. This application will help farmers to make their farm operations more efficient.



FarmLogs is a farm management application that is designed to keep the log details for the farmers. Farmers can collect information and tracklists on a per-field basis. It also has additional features like rainfall history, plans, budgets history on a season to season basis. This makes huge applicable apps for farmers.

Available apps in Android | iPad | iPhone

CropStream app

cropstream app

CropStream app helps agricultural producers and companies to work collaboratively by making coordination and communication easier to work together. This apps helps advisors seed dealers, service providers to keep connected and grow their businesses. It tracks all the conversations by linking messages and photos of the peoples and products with the location.

Read more here.

Agsense app


Agsense app enables the agriculture producers to remotely monitor the entire irrigation operation. It increases the ability to monitor from anywhere anytime.

It has precise control of devices and simplified graphics. There are new options for editing a device’s irrigation schedule. Growers can set angles through GPS pinpoint precision.

App available in Android and ios systems 

Read more here:

Agrellus app


Agrellus application is a marketplace for farmers. It’s an online place where buys and sellers of agricultural inputs come together. This application includes more than 7000 agriculture products.

You can buy and sell products here. Moreover set delivery deadlines that you want to meet your farming needs. Agrellus members can customize requests by crop, the select rate per acre, choose targets like seeding, weed, etc.

App available in Android and IOs systems

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Kugler Timing app

kugler timing app

This application provides the farmers about the fertilizer timings and product recommendations pf varieties of crops.

There are different crop lists in the application through which you select one of them and select the growth stage based on illustrations. Moreover, you ca list the effective product growth stage along with the rate per acre.

This app is available in Android and IOS systems. Read more here:

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